Rinalyn D. Ordonio-Estabillo – Customer Service

rinalyn-ordonio-estabillo-profileHi, my name is Rinalyn. I decided to transition to a home-based/Freelancer job because my husband is working overseas and I am already a mum. I would like to spend time with my kid after work instead of spending it traveling going to work and back. I’m praying and hoping that even though I am just at home, I will be given a chance to get a job and start my career as a Virtual Assistant.

I worked in the BPO industry for 5 years and 8 months as a Customer Service Representative. I used to deal with Australian Customers. I also worked as a Billing Specialist of an Australian Telecommunication Provider (processing payments, resolving complex disputes).

I have a background in Technical Support as well. I perform troubleshooting over the phone and updating of trouble tickets in the system. I was trained in up-selling products, processing new orders and returns. Working as phone support for so long motivates me to be a positive thinker because it requires you to always think outside of the box. My main goal is to provide the rinalyn-ordonio-estabillo-in-the-parkbest service that I can, in giving the best resolution to every customer’s concern.

I can do some administrative works but my knowledge is very limited. I have Multi-tasking skills that were enhanced from working in this industry for many years. I can guarantee that I can manage to do multiple tasks. I was trained with Time Management. I am a team player and can work under pressure with minimal supervision. I’m knowledgeable in MS Word and Excel and familiar with some online Google platforms. I am a self-motivated person. I have the ability and willingness to undergo training. I believe in my expertise and I’m happy learning a new set of skills.

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