Rissa Danica Montante – Pharmacist

rissa-danica-montante-profileGood day! My name is Rissa Danica Montante. You can call me Rissa. I am an animal lover. I have a snobbish ancient cat (he is 14 years old, but in cat years, he’s way past his prime), an attention-grabbing rabbit who loves to be petted whenever he wants, and a clingy kitten who looks up to her assumed brother rabbit (they’re almost the same age). I also have a school of Koi, which I acquired from my brother.

I’m an indoor type of person. I tend to find ways and reasons to stay at home and I only go out of the house when it’s really necessary. The reason for this is because I had a traumatic experience on the road – my family and I got into a car accident. A fishmonger was driving his modified motor bike (to contain fish). According to the police report and my father, the fishmonger fell asleep while he was driving and drifted over into our lane. Since then, traveling has made me uncomfortable.

When I heard about the world of freelancing, I realised that I can still use my skills and earn without leaving home. I’m a Licensed Pharmacist in the Philippines. I may not have practiced my profession, but I know I can still use my knowledge in medical-related work. I can function as a Medical Assistant, a Medical Transcriptionist, or Medical Billing Coder. I also worked rissa-danica-montante-bunnywith the Philippine Department of Health as a Public Health Pharmacist for a year where I mostly did administrative work. From making surveys and data entry, to confirming orders and delivery, emailing stakeholders, checking inventories, and creating PowerPoint presentations. I also conducted information drives to give awareness to the misuse of medicines and other programs created by the government.

I supplement my knowledge and skills by taking an online classes from Saylor Academy. I do believe that life is about endless learning. I will take this opportunity to learn and improve myself academically and as a person. Currently, I am taking classes on HTML.

I want to help you in creating wonderful things and I do look forward to being your Virtual Assistant.

For a copy of Rissa’s resume please click here.