Robert Sulejmanov – AutoCAD and Sales

robert-sulejmanov-profileHello there, my name is Robert, my folks call me Rob. Welcome to my profile!

I started working as soon I finished high school. Due to certain circumstances, I wasn’t able to continue to college.

Throughout the years, I have had various jobs but they can be generalised into warehousing, sales and quality control services.

I learned that having extra skills can be beneficial, so a year ago I started engaging in various courses and trainings in order to grow in value and improve my skill sets. I have finished AutoCAD 2D course and a small digital marketing course as well. I’ve also enrolled into web development programs, which currently are on standby.

Occasionally you can find me in nearby parks, taking photos using my camera and enjoying the various picturesque landscapes.

Due to an accident I’ve had, which is slipping on ice, I’ve decided to focus on another professional field. It was a robert-sulejmanov-readingcold and icy day. I was walking down the street, talking on the phone, and the next thing I knew, my left foot was already dislocated. I underwent surgery that lasted for a few hours. It took me several months to recover and I found visiting the thermal spa’s really helped.

I believe that education is not about what course we finish, but the growth in mindset. My English has been progressing throughout the years.

While I was working as a quality control supervisor, I stumbled upon plenty of the terms used in factories and production plants. One of those terms is “kaizen”, it’s a general principle of not thinking about the production only, but the entire plant.

“Kaizen is an idea, kaizen is an improvement, kaizen is making the best out of something.” Kaizen is improvement, to which I strive.

I apply this principle in my day to day life and I would like to improve in various processes. I do appreciate a great team.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my profile, and as well my story.

For a copy of Robert’s resume please click here.