Rodner Sasuter Gulmatico – Account Officer

rodner-gulmatico-profileReading some stories of people who work as VA’s on this website… I was overwhelmed seeing that there are several fellow Filipinos who are happily and productively working in the industry. This inspires me more to be a part and grow with this team, if given the opportunity. One of the highlights of the stories I loved was about people who work as a VA, and do not compromise their duties as a parent. For me, this is one of my reasons for becoming involved with the industry of Virtual Assistance.

In the meantime, I can not share a story of me working as a VA since I do not have any experience yet. 🙂 Although, I am confident that I have the skills of a VA. These skills were not innate but developed through my work experiences and this is what I would like to share.

After I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, I was absorbed in clinical work in a hospital in my town. My task was to facilitate and administer psychological exams to clients – soldiers, teachers, firemen, and civilians. Sometimes I was tasked to facilitate an interview with patients to confirm the correctness of test results. Sometimes, I had patients who could hardly read and write, and so to go the extra mile, I read questions for them and sometimes wrote for them. In that job, I learned to finish each task assigned to me while remaining compassionate and understanding of my patients, as well as the importance of being accurate. I do not do things in a rush, but with heightened focus and attention to accuracy.

rodner-gulmatico-bondingAfter that job, another highlight was working as an Account Officer in the healthcare industry in the Philippines. My task was to manage clients/companies with the services they availed in the hospital. Part of this management was to cost-manage their annual payment, giving them quarterly meetings to review the financial status, answer their queries regarding their benefit or coverage, and renew them after a year of the contract. I stood as a consultant in managing the health of client’s employees and gave them what was best for them. On top of that, I also coordinated with the partnered facilities for my client’s services: Outpatient, Inpatient, Surgeries and procedures should there be any, Emergency cases and other medical services. Basically, I needed to master or at least familiarise the process of the enrollment of each member from a company to the arrangement of medical services, to undergoing the benefit in the facility until the payment of my company to our partnered facilities.

I was so privileged to have these work experiences for they developed in me the values of integrity, compassion to people, focus, dedication to work, the wonder of building personal relationships with clients and partners, and to value teamwork.

Thank you.

For a copy of Rodner’s resume please click here.