Rose Anne G. Miguel – Administrative Support

rose-anne-miguel-profileHello! I am Rose Anne Miguel. I come from a small family. I am the younger of two siblings. During my free time, I love watching Korean Dramas because I admire their stories so much from Horror, Romantic–Comedy and intense Drama films. Aside from that, I am immersing myself in learning new skills in Graphic Designing and as well as Creative Writing.

I grew up in a small village in Davao City, Philippines. When I was a kid, I witnessed my parents’ passion, determination and perseverance in their respective jobs and responsibilities. My father used to work in a banana plantation as a supervisor while my mother was an accounting clerk in a construction company. Both of them really work hand in hand in handling their job and at the same time raising me and my brother.

I took up Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minor course in Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management at the Ateneo de Davao University. Yes, I graduated two courses and I finished it in four years. Despite a few subjects’ backlogging, I still managed everything with my studies and other extracurricular activities. I was a youth leader in one of a Catholic Youth Organisations in our City and in our school.

rose-anne-miguel-gardenI was an average student from my primary years to college years. There were a number of times that I failed, was tormented and horrified. These feelings I felt during my school days arose because I was afraid to wreck my parents’ expectations. Lucky as I am, my parents explained to me that its ok for them that I experienced failures. They were not angry. They even loved me and accepted me. They made me realise that during the biggest fall in life, that’s where I rise up and face a whole new world – stronger and bolder than before.

Right after graduation, I was exposed to the corporate world where I mastered the skills as an Administrative Assistant. I handled everything from Invoicing, Cash In and Out, Cash Flows, Sales and Disbursement. Moreover, I also managed email responses Gsuite and Calenders, employees’ contract and performance, including salaries and benefits, attendance and like.

Aside from Administrative Assistance, I am also into Customer Service and Market Research. I worked in a Business Process Outsourcing for years and I worked on a financial and Market Survey Account. I handled all sorts of customers from Home makers, businessmen, students and more. We input data and pieces of information in their personal account and troubleshoot if they encounter some major and minor issues. Also, I have a basic knowledge in creating designs using Canva and other Graphic Design tools for layout, design and banner making.

Being exposed to different job functions helped me prepare myself for a future career that I wanted to have. Somehow, it gave me an edge and I was able to perform such tasks because it boosted my confidence and personality. I am eager to finish all my tasks on time and persist in accomplishing all the required assignments I have. I am not a quitter. If there are things that I am not familiar with, I ask questions on how to do it and if it is beyond my skills, I tap into someone who can help me in working the projects.

Thank you very much for the opportunity and I am looking forward to working with you.

For a copy of Rose Anne’s resume please click here.