Russel Angelica Diaz – Customer Care Support

russel-angelica-diaz-vaHi, I’m Russel Angelica Diaz – you can call me Angelica. I’m a single mother and the breadwinner of the family.

I was lucky to have a scholarship from High School to College while enjoying my passion for music. I play the clarinet and trumpet. I was part of the school marching band and had numerous parades and concerts while maintain my academic activities.

I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management. I tried to work as a Key Account Specialist in a Hotel but I became pregnant during my training so I needed to stop working for the meantime.

I started my career as an outbound caller in a small family business, my main tasks are setting appointments, confirm appointments, guide their way to the office and manage show ups. My manager is always happy to give me awards monthly because of my performance. I was even able to build rapport with my manager so that he wanted to work with me even when the business is no longer operating. That being said, I was absorbed by another company that handles the same campaign. I stayed there for more than a year.

While my baby is growing up, I needed to increase my income and explore more opportunities. I’m happy to be a part of Convergys. Switching from outbound to inbound industry was challenging for me, but thanks to my friends and Team Leaders who believed in me, I was able to improve my flexibility and resiliency.

The first account that I handled was Directv, mainly handling billing issues and process payments, answering questions about our packages and offering them the best package that will fit their budget. I was cross-trained to eBay NA Sell for 3 months and I was able to learn the process and the product quickly. I enjoyed the working environment, meeting new talented people, and having new friends. I was also recognised as one of the top performers. After 3 months, I was upskilled to tier 3 in Directv, mainly handling repeated callers – our goal is to have 1 call, 1 resolution. Being a part of this team is rewarding and it also helped me improve my phone skills.

After almost 4 years, I planned to get out of my comfort zone. I applied in Manila and luckily, I passed and I started working in Concentrix. It was a fresh start and I had to adjust to the new environment. I handled Google Pay, which is a P2P transaction feature offered by Google for free. My main tasks were to handle incoming calls, answering questions about the rejected transactions, understanding their KYC, and providing resolution to their P2P concerns. After a year and a half, my mum was hospitalised and I needed to go home. I gave up my work and went back to my hometown. I’m happy that my mum was able to recover russel-angelica-diaz-potteryquickly and she told me that I can go back to work. I went back to Manila for a better offer.

Currently, I am working in the medical industry. I don’t have any medical background so it was a big adjustment for me to handle patients with medical issues. My main tasks were handling incoming calls of patients having issues with their devices, troubleshoot if required and replace defective devices if necessary. My role includes analysing data from Carelink System, identifying patient’s needs and providing resolution. Working with such a big adjustment helped me to improve my multitasking skills and phone skills. I was recognised as a top performer, maintained my scores, and set higher goals.

I’m looking for a home-based job now as a virtual assistant that can give me more time with my son. With all the experiences I had, I learned that quality is more than making good products and services – it is to be effective and efficient.

I’m always eager to learn new things that can help me improve my skills and look forward to work with talented people.

For a copy of Russel’s resume please click here.