Russel Q. Patalinghug – Finance Manager

russel quima finance managerThe adage, “No one is saved by ignorance” has been the principle taught by my parents since we were young. We were always taught that we should never allow poverty to hinder chasing their dreams for us… and that is to finish a formal education.

As the second oldest child, I have been characterized as independent, attention-seeking from our parents, and always the favorite of the “hand me down” stuff from my older sister. That is why I grew up to be very independent because I thought that I wasn’t my parent’s favorite child. See me at the very young age of six, being my own alarm clock… I bathed myself, I cooked the breakfast and enjoyed the early rays of sunshine while walking from our house to our school.

Those daily routines as a student helped me to achieve academic awards at school. During pre-school, I had an award as the second honour student. When I graduated in the sixth grade (no K to 12 yet during our time in the Philippines), I graduated as the third honour in our batch. I received commendable awards during high school and was on the Dean’s list during college. In short, and I should be very proud – I fulfilled my parent’s dream that I be successful in my academic life. I owe these successes to my Maker, my parents and those people whom the Lord used as an instrument to achieve success.

Because of poverty, the career that I chose was made out of practicality. I chose to study accounting. Four weeks after I graduated, I immediately landed a job in accounting. I was hired and was placed in the position of Junior Auditor, then a few months later I was requested by the company’s manager to be her personal secretary. A few months later again in that same company, the accounting department asked the management to have me transferred in the Accounts Payable department, and from then on I spent my remaining years in that department.

A part of me on the other hand was calling me to serve the Lord. I stopped my promising career and chose to spend eighteen months full-time mission in the areas of Manila, Cavite, Las Piñas and Parañaque in the Luzon part of the Philippines. There I got the chance to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet people from all walks of life. Self-discipline is the key for us to be successful in our endeavor of sharing the gospel. I gained a strong testimony of my Saviour and I am very grateful that I had the chance to share with other people the love He has for us. Rejection has also been a part of our experiences as a missionary. But I have learned how to deal with it, by not dwelling on it. I keep going and never give up. After all, when we depend on His spirit and be worthy of His companionship, we always end our day happy and contented.

I spent a lot of time in my job after I served the full-time mission. I had extensive accounting experience including collection, accounts payable, disbursement, etc. I also had experience with accounting systems such as Quickbooks and MYOB. I have worked in a big company of lighting and fixtures as a sales coordinator where most of my tasks were focused on inventory and sales monitoring. I exercised my leadership skills in that position as I needed to motivate my team to achieve higher sales. I also have experience working in a BPO here in Cebu City as the customer service representative for UAL (United Air Lines) where I dealt with clients from the U.S and took care of their travel needs.

I consider myself a late bloomer as I got married at the age of 29. My husband and I were sealed for time and for all eternity in the Manila temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints in March of 2008. We are blessed with three lovely daughters, and they are my jewels. They are a reminder of how good life is. During tough times, they are the one’s pacifying us to keep going and keep the faith. And that is because of our belief that families can be together forever.

My last formal job before I became a full-time home based Mum was an Admin and Finance Officer in a non-profit organisation. It was a school catering for aspiring entrepreneurs. I was responsible for the clerical/office works and HR (Human Resource) related works. I was also responsible for requesting monthly budgets for the Academy and also made monthly monitoring reports on the Academy’s expenses. Our headquarters is located in Provo, Utah in the U.S. so most of my reports were sent via email and we often used Skype for emergency meetings. We also had annual meetings where we got to personally meet and discuss further the Academy’s directives.

My husband manages our hardware business and I am responsible for hiring people and doing the administrative and accounting side. We have enhanced our system in the business and hired trustworthy managers and supervisors. This gives me more time for my kids and my own work.

My husband and I perfectly complement each other – we both love hard work. But I like it to be noted that I am the one who not only works harder, but works smarter. I manage to be creative with my time so as to meet all our needs.

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