Samantha Jane Salentes – Customer Service

samantha-jane-salentes-casualHi, my name is Samantha Jane!

I’m a fun loving, free spirited, and carefree soul. I love travelling on the different islands of my country the Philippines. I also indulge in good food and always find the time to document my adventures if I had the chance. All this I’ve been able to reward myself having worked as a customer service representative at a tender age of 18.

I first started working at eBay, a big online selling marketplace where I cater to the daily needs and queries of people from around the world. From the young to the old, from rich people with big business and lots to sell to people selling their only family heirloom just to make an extra buck.

Working in customer service some may see as a simple day job and just an everyday routine. But for me it is very different. Every day at work is a new story, like a small adventure in itself, more of a new flip of the page of that new book you get excited about. Knowing that I have the capability to turn one person’s bad day to a good one gives me more drive. To my surprise, without even noticing that same drive had brought me to top agent status.

samantha-jane-salentes-vacationMy story goes on as I decided to work as a virtual assistant for a CEO in a US based company. One of the businesses he had was selling on eBay and that was just one of the many businesses he had. It was a fast lane from there, my role far exceeded that of being a customer service representative. I was introduced to buying cars, real estate, company inventories, and even made deals with suppliers. Decisions that made milestones for the company and I was all part of it.

Today, I am 25yrs old, married, and a mother of a 9-month old baby girl. I’m still the same fun loving, free spirited person, with that very same vibe but with bigger responsibilities. My goal now is to build a good future for my daughter who is my greatest inspiration.

I believe that with the skills I have honed over the years and the experiences I have will make me a good addition to your awesome team. I always considered everything an opportunity to learn something new. I’d bring this same energy and enthusiasm to your team, and predict I’d make an immediate impact.

For a copy of Samantha’s resume please click here.