Sharilyn Sy – Administrative Assistant, Sales

Sharilyn-Sy-vaHello! My name is Sharilyn, but you can call me “Shai”. I’m a sales professional with over 13 years of sales experience, mainly in the tourism industry. I started off my career as a Reservations Officer in an inbound travel agency. After a year of working, I got promoted to the sales department as Account Manager and was assigned to handle Asia Pacific and North American accounts. That’s how my sales career began. Being in sales, I have successfully used the opportunity of meeting different people to widen my network. I have attended many exhibitions and trade shows to search for new business opportunities for my employer.

From a travel agency, I decided to develop my career in the hotel industry. I’ve worked at 3 different resorts for over 10 years. I have started my journey in the hotel industry by joining one of Boracay’s top resorts. By handling corporate accounts and weddings, I was facing a major challenge of the flight component, which required finding the right client and convincing them to fly their employees to the island resort, on top of the accommodation fees and food. I have also targeted a narrow group of couples, who were willing to pay a high price for their dream beach wedding package. I had a great experience of finding and exploring a “niche market” for my property and I had my input in building and being part of a great team.

The second one was a resort nearby Manila, approximately 2.5 hours drive. I was part of this great “family like” team for 6 years. It was a great time full of challenges and successes. A big part of being in sales is to deliver the sales results based on monthly and annual targets, that I was constantly able to successfully deliver. After 2 years of working as Account Manager, I got promoted to the Sales Manager position. That was the time when I experienced new challenges of managing, leading, training, and coaching members of my team. It was a great opportunity for me to show my leadership skills and develop each of my team’s sales skills and talents. All the challenges were rewarded by great fulfillment, as I watch members of my team succeed in their careers.

Sharilyn-Sy-vaThe last resort I’ve worked with was also located near Manila (4 hours drive, 2 hours by ferry). As Corporate Sales and Marketing Manager, I was leading and managing a small group of people. Apart from the scope of the sale, I had to oversee the marketing activities and materials for the corporate segment. I’ve learned to be more thorough, creative and pay more attention to details. I was also able to lead my team and contribute to their professional development and create a positive working environment to keep them focused and motivated. My team and I were doing very well by bringing so many guests and corporate events at the resort and delivering our sales goals and targets. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the resort had to close. Approximately 80% of the employees were retrenched including myself and my team.

Due to a lack of opportunity in the tourism industry, I have decided to start working in a local real estate company as Area Manager. I’m now managing sales agents, however, my current duties are not very time consuming.

I want to make use of my free time and would love to work as a virtual assistant. I have a long experience in customer service management, I am a thorough, detail-oriented, dedicated, and highly motivated individual. I’m very passionate in everything that I do and I always give 100% into everything I am working on. I also love to travel, that’s why I’m very interested in having a job that can be done remotely, as long as I have a stable internet connection.
Thank you and hope you’ll give me a shot. Cheers!

For a copy of Sharilyn’s resume please click here.