Sheena H. Marco – Real Estate & Administrative Support

sheena-h-marco-vaHi, I’m Sheena Marco, 31 years old, from Bicol, Philippines. I am a mother of two wonderful kids and happily married for 5 years now.

I took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Entrepreneurship. When I was in college, I used to love speaking in front of many people. I love to be in a crowd, and was used to have the attention of many as I was a student leader. I am a public speaker by heart, and was able to build confidence and got acquainted with different people in the business industry at a young age and I am happy that I was able to use those skills after school.

I started working as a part time secretary in a networking business, then they asked me to work for a managerial post in their bread and pastry business. I had to work 8-12 hours daily but I felt that I was not properly compensated so I decided to look for a better opportunity and that’s when I entered the BPO industry.

With little to no idea of how this industry works, I still took the risk of applying and luckily I was hired. I became a Customer Service Specialist for a financial and tax preparation account then I was transferred to a pet services program. It was hard at first since I had to speak for almost 8 hours a day and didn’t get enough sleep and that’s when I told myself that I will not settle on being an agent only.

sheena-h-marco-profileI worked hard to get the post that I wanted and was blessed to be promoted as a Subject Matter Expert. In this post, I was able to use my speaking, coaching and people skills. I also learned multi-tasking to the next level since I am supporting my agents and doing support tasks at the same time. On my third year in the company, I was promoted as a Trainer for our program and this became the peak of my career.

Fast forward, blessings came after blessings, I met my husband and got married and had our first child. I had my mum take care of my son since both my husband and I were working. Everything seemed to be perfect and easy for the both of us since we worked in the same company, until one day, my father got severely ill and my mum had to give my son back to us since she could not take care of them at the same time.

We tried to look for someone who can take care of my son when we’re at work, but to no avail. That was the time that I had to make the biggest decision of my life… to leave my job, the job that I love, and the job that I had worked so hard for, for the longest time. 🙁

I left my job and started to focus on taking care of my son. I was unemployed and became a stay home mum for more than 2 years. There I lost confidence, I lost my self-esteem and became so emotional when I saw my past colleagues and they started to ask me where I work.

Then another chapter of my life began. I decided to work home based though I had no idea how it works and I was not even sure if I could get a job. I tried looking for postings on various online job site and finally landed a position as a Virtual Assistant for a Real Estate Company. We process rental applications, run their credit and criminal reports and speak to landlords and Property Managers. Little by little, I started to gain back my confidence and my self-esteem.

Now I am working as a curator for a photo stocking business – another expertise I gained from working at home. One thing I learned from this journey is that, every hardship and hard work pays off. You just have to wait patiently and there’s a perfect time for you to shine.

For a copy of Sheena’s resume please click here.