Sheridan Celis Abibiason – Customer Service

sheridan-abibiason-profileI will start by introducing my name. I’m Sheridan Abibiason, 29 years old. I started my BPO career at Transcom in 2009 and stayed with the company until 2016. When I first entered the business, I had no idea what customer service was all about. All I knew back then was that I wanted to have a job in order for me to help my family.

I didn’t know what kind of work was waiting for me after I passed all the assessments. I was so scared and overwhelmed at the same time. Good thing I survived, and all the twists and turns made me a better specialist and a better person. I gained a lot of skills that helped me build my career in the call center industry. I have met many people that helped me deal with difficult circumstances. I have learned to love working in this industry.

Technologies are fast moving and the only way to keep up is to stay ahead. Staying ahead with your customer service skills makes you more efficient and productive. After 2 years of working as a customer service representative, I got promoted to SME (subject matter expert) and later on as a tempory Team lead. I’m happy to say that Transcom was the best place for me to hone and develop my skills. I stayed with Transcom for almost 7 years and then resigned with pride and confidence that I’m always ready to embark on a new journey.

sheridan-abibiason-bikeI applied with another company. This time it was the second level of work which is more on technical stuff (helpdesk tier2). Geeez!!! It was quite challenging because I had to deal with internet stuff, wifi issues, emails, and computers – I’m a complete neophyte in this field! – it so hard because most of our customers don’t even know how to operate their computer and ETC.

Although I struggled at first, I came out victorious. I realised that all you have to do is keep on learning, be open for feedback and most of all love your job. I’m happy to say I’m still working with this company for 3 years now.

But I am also looking forward to doing freelance work. I like the advantage of working from home because you no longer have to deal with traffic jams and you have control over your time. You can have more time with your family without compromising your clients.

I hope this VA career will help me become a more effective and efficient worker for my clients, for myself and for my family.

For a copy of Sheridan’s resume please click here.