Featured Social Media Managers


Alma Antones

I am a Food Technician, but decided to stay home and take care of my kids, now that they’re teenagers I decided to work again. I have undergone training about Social Media Management and an intensive training on E-Commerce.

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Arianne May A. Evangelista

I am a Social Media Specialist and Creative Consultant. I can help the team with various admin tasks as well as I am very familiar with Google Docs, Google Sheets, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc. Also, you can count on me for clean, quality graphics that match well with creative and interesting content.

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Arthur Campoy

I studied Electronics Engineering with a passion for multimedia. I can edit photos, edit wedding or event videos. I help create logos and video intros.

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Milagros Loresco

Milagros is an experienced Customer Service Professional and talented Social Media Manager. She provides interesting and relevant content for social media postings, and handles online inquiries. She has worked with Australian and American clients, and also has a background in sales.

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Edreen Bryan Valdeavilla

Edreen is a Social Media specialist and strategist who has worked across a range of SM platforms. He not only knows how to build a brand, he knows how to create enticing content, social media ads, and work with ClickFunnels.

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Clarito Hua Cruz

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Marketing Management. I have been working as a Marketing Manager, Brand Manager and Social Media Manager helping companies to build their online presence, increase their social media engagement, and bring in more leads. I am familiar with a range of digital marketing platforms including Google Analytics, PPC, Landing Pages and SEO. I am sure I could create an effectively management campaign strategy for your organisation as well.

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Crismalyn Malate Portrait

Crismalyn Malate

I have handled a range of work roles including Social Media Manager, Customer Service Representative, Billings, Product Researcher and Amazon Product Lister. I have worked in e-commerce, performed picture editing with Photoshop and Canva, and worked as a Sales Representative. I have a good attitude to work, have good time management, and good communication skills.

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Gabrielle Gamboa Portrait

Gabrielle Joy Gamboa

I live and breath social media! After 2,000+ hours of research and a passion for remaining up-to-date with the latest social media trends, I think it’s fair to say I’m a specialist in this field. I love learning, am reliable and organised, and I also have experience in Quality Assurance, Customer Service and coaching.

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Zeus Kino Salcedo

I am a Social Media Specialist, Search Engine Optimisation Analyst, Search Engine Marketer and Virtual Assistant. I have been involved with Blogging on a range of platforms as well as video editing and marketing. I have developed a way to marry SEO and Social Media so they meet my client’s goals.

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Richi Fe Beba

I am a Social Media Specialist who is proficient in a wide range of SM platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Youtube, etc. I can manage and create content for your social media channels, as well as strategise marketing to increase your social media presence. I am highly motivated, well organised and have excellent communication skills.

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abhay desai VA

Abhay Desai

I am a Digital Marketing specialist with a passion for Social Media Management. I have experience with Search Engine Optimisation, on-page and off-page analysis of client’s websites, keyword research and working on Google properties to build a strong presence for local businesses.

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rosamae bacalla va

Rosamae Bacalla

I am a Social Media Manager familiar with a wide range of social media platforms. I have also worked as a chat representative handling queries from customers, solving issues and resolving complaints. I have worked with listings on Amazon and performed administrative duties as a secretary.

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fatima de la cerna va

Fatima May Hortelano-De la Cerna

I would be delighted to have the opportunity to become a part of your organisation. I believe my excellent communication skills, ability to strategise and accomplish tasks on time – every time will be of use to any business. I have experience in Social Media Marketing, Data Entry, Content Research, Telemarketing, and Advertising campaigns.

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Christene Sanguenza VA

Christene Mae C. Sanguenza

If you need someone who has experience across a wide range of social media platforms – I’m your person! Not only do I have the experience… Social Media Management is my passion. I am organised, have great interpersonal and communication skills, and I’m proactive – a very important attribute of being an effective VA – and can I say, of being a great Social Media Manager.

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Rezel Wong VA

Rezel Wong

If you need someone who has experience across a wide range of social media platforms – I’m your person! Not only do I have the experience… Social Media Management is my passion. I am organised, have great interpersonal and communication skills, and I’m proactive – a very important attribute of being an effective VA – and can I say, of being a great Social Media Manager.

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benedict santos va

John Benedict Santos

I have excellent English communication skills – after teaching English for around 4 years – why wouldn’t I? I have also worked in customer relations and as a project supervisor in engineering and construction. I am an Undergraduate in Bachelor of Science Computer Technology… but my real passion lies in Social Media Management.

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Glenda Luz

I have studied Business Administration Major in Marketing Management and have experience as a Customer Service Representative and Team Leader. My desire is to become part of a growing organisation and use my skills to help the organisation succeed. I can assist with data entry, research, and email and chat support. I am open to new learnings and with my motivation and passion for serving others I believe I will be a great asset to your organisation.

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VA Cess Karlo Noquira

Cess Karlo Noquira

I have been a part of the Business Process Outsourcing Industry for a number of years now. With a mindset of hard work and constant improvement through learning, I have had a successful career. I have experience as a Team Leader, and I find that leading by example – dedicating myself to my work and always staying positive – has raised my team above others in the organisation.

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Jann Banzon

Social Media Marketing is my passion and I have a wide range of skills in B2B marketing and lead generation. I have skills in customer service, data mining and research, email management, MS Office, Salesforce, and can perform basic graph work in Canva and Adobe Photoshop. You’ll find I have good communication skills and am organised with good planning skills.

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Brylle Dignos VA

Brylle Dignos

I have experience as a General Virtual Assistant – but my strengths lie in Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Management. I can post articles to your social media accounts, and even edit and post videos for the platforms. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and BS in Information Technology.

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VA Jessa Mae Catimpo

Jessa Mae Catimpo

I can perform social media management as well as customer service and email support. I have in-depth knowledge of the different social media platforms and how to best utilise them. My written communication skills are advanced, I am an efficient research assistant, and my typing speed is 60 wpm.

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Justine Norman Insong

My story began with a young man, fresh from his missionary service, giving a talk in front of a large congregation in Zamboanga City. There was this lady (my Mum), who thought that he (the young man) was really very arrogant – particularly by the way he presented himself…

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Airene Mabborang

Hello – I am Airene Mabborang and here’s some things about me.

I live with my parents and I have the responsibility of being the main bread winner of the family. My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife.

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Girlyn Bodiongan

There are only two siblings in my family, and I am the eldest child. I took my elementary education at Aloran Central Elementary School, which is a public school. I received a scholarship and was able to undergo my secondary education at a private school, St. Matthew’s High School.

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