Featured Software Developers and Programmers

Randell A. Pasion

Randell is a computer technician and IT consultant. He has experience with troubleshooting hardware and software issues – including malware. Randell is also experienced with photo and video editing, sales, and complaints resolution. He has worked with Australian clients and helped to develop processes to increase efficiency and convenience for a large Australian telecommunications company. Randell is self motivated, is fluent in English and has excellent writing skills.

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Cleo Joy Oguan

Cleo is a skilled IT Virtual Assistant. She can handle administrative tasks as well as technical aspects of the job. Cleo is proficient in C++, Java, HTML, MySQL, AutoCAD, and much more.

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Jay-Ar R. Madrigal

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and has experience working as an IT encoder at the Philippine Ports Authority. I have als worked as a Web Developer and IT Manager for various companies.

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John Paul Larida

I grew up experiencing the hard-knocks of life – like most of our fellow Filipinos. But with these hardships, I was able to determine the RISKS that are attached to every descision which in turn made me a better person, and allowed me to gain more knowledge both in life as well as my profession.

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Lokesh Gupta

Being a Marwadi – one of business communities in India – business is in my blood! I always look for an opportunity and try to relate to what the current needs of the market are, the future of that market and the money involved.

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