Stefanie Gary – Proofreader, Content Writer, and Administrative Assistant

Stefanie Gary CasualHi! My name is Stefanie Gary. It is lovely to meet you.

I was raised outside of a small rural town where half of the 5 acres were converted into a dirt track primarily for my dad and older brother. The trail would be used for bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, and bonfire parties over the years.

My mom and I didn’t get along well. I’ve recently learned her narcissism hurt and shaped me in more ways than I would like to admit. She was still supportive of me during the bullying in my formative years. I’ve learned how close to home and relevant mental illness of various disorders present themselves in my life, whether myself or in those around me.

I loved sports. My elementary basketball team unwittingly helped me hang on through my darkest times of depression and suicide. I enjoyed softball, volleyball, track and field, and cheer leading at various times of my youth.

As a young adult, with my husband, I discovered my inner geek that complimented my outward nerd at my first comic convention. We decided to introduce our daughter into the geeky environment later the same year. We now regularly attend comic conventions.

I explored many careers including sales, administrative assistance, customer service, and novel writing. I discovered which strengths also brought joy to my life and now provide my time and skills to serve others.

I earned my associate degree in health information management. In the healthcare profession I learned how to write various business documents for the health information management (A.K.A. medical records) departments and expanded on my writing and proofreading skills through self-studies.

I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and postpartum PTSD. Therapists have helped me learn to cope with various situations over the years. Now I want to help other women reduce their anxiety and overwhelm in content creation and the marketing processes.

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