Stephanie Mendoza – Web Developer and Programmer

stephanie-mendoza-formalI was a working-student-single mum.

I started as a virtual assistant for a cosmetics company in the US while I was finishing my Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology major in Database Systems. Earning while studying wasn’t enough for me. I always wanted to push my limits. I learned different programming languages and became proficient in them. I traveled to a lot of countries and local tourist spots while studying. I finished my degree with honours. And most importantly, I got myself my first programming job just before I officially graduated!

Growing up being unguided and so restricted to express my potential, I never thought that I could do something so well. In fact, I can do well in many things. Having proven to myself several times that I could be better, that I am remarkable, it has become my practice that whenever I am about to do something, I must assert strongly that I will surpass myself and I will perform something exceptionally.

stephanie-mendoza-chopper-rideRegardless of my determination to succeed, there are things which I am not in control of that get in my way. My child’s babysitter left so nobody else can look after him but me. And several months of working as a Laravel Developer, the company has not yet paid me and my co-employees despite the number of projects completed. Although I was lucky to have learned a lot from the company, it was unfortunate for me to leave with empty pockets given the time and extra effort that I put in. I am just fortunate that I also work as a part-time Django Developer which helped me sustain my child’s needs.

In spite of the waste, my motherly instinct tells me that fate designed this circumstance so that I can attend to my child’s needs and help him discover his potentials at an early age which I never did as a child. This experience helped me realise that for a fact, I am who I am no matter what the situation is. I am a programmer, I am a mother, and I am exceptional!

If you’re as positive as I am, I’m looking forward to working with you in the future! I hope to hear from you very soon.

For a copy of Stephanie’s resume please click here.