Stephanie Radan – Lead Generation and LinkedIn Specialist

stephanie-profileOn the 30th of November 1994, a new hero was born. She was no less than perfect in the eyes of her parents; she was so tiny that her father could hold her in one hand, yet she gave her parents a happier mark on their lives. She was seen as a hero for she made 2 people, with her, become a family. Then she was named Stephanie.

That’s me! Stephanie Radan!

People call me Steph, but those that are closest to me call me Ping as that is what my family have nicknamed me. I was supposed to be named Andrea Bonifacia as I was born on the same day that Andres Bonifacio (one of our heroes in the Philippines) was born. I am the eldest of five so I am the Alpha of the pack.

My dad is a welder and my mom is a housewife. Although I have grown up with much time spent with my mom, because my father works from another country, most of my characteristics are actually from my dad. I can’t be at peace when I start something unless I finish it. I always look at things around me as useful. I love to create stuff out of things that other people see as “garbage”. Resourcefulness and no to procrastination – like my dad, are my usual mindset. I got my musical talents from my dad as well; I can sing and play the guitar.

When I was in school, I was always picked to be the leader or organiser of events. I was dynamic as a student, and participated in everything!… musical, cheering squad, and was happy to be the host of the events. I was that student who you’d pass by in the hallway, always with a cheerful smile and positive outlook.

I grew up well provided for, morally supported, and well fed with the wisdom of kindness. As the eldest of the family, I am always mindful of what I do as I want my younger siblings to look at me as their first example – not to being perfect, but to being good. Although I’d be the first to admit that most of the time I’m awkward and funny.

I was excited to step out of education and take part in my next adventure. I did so many things in school, that I’ve learned to put trust in, and believe in myself. And so with these values, I know that I can be excellent in anything that I want to do.

I had my first job for a Call Center. I was so excited during the process of the application; waiting in the long lines, taking exams under time pressure, and finally, the interview. I went out of the building, proud of myself. I knew that I got the job because I can do it. It was the last month of the semester, so we only had a handful of projects and I began working at night and attending school the entire afternoon.

Wow! My first job!

After a week of training, we were finally taking live calls. I was involved with Sales and Customer Service helping people who were buying flowers for their loved ones. This was a seasonal account that the company held – one for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas Day. I was one of the agents that met the sales quota so I had a call back to come back for the lead-up to Christmas Day.

As I was juggling two things at the same time, I realised that I am not the best fit for office based jobs. With the confident experience that I had, I searched websites where I could apply for home-based jobs.

A few months before graduation, I applied for a position with a Mobile Marketing company. Not having much experience, but the eagerness to learn and deliver timely and excellent outcomes, I was hired as a General Virtual Assistant or Administrative Assistant.

I did a lot of Lead Generation for schools and accounting firms, finding the key person to contact, and their contact details. I updated the company’s CRM and created Monthly and Weekly newsletters with pre-written content and sent or scheduled them through MailChimp or GetResponse. We also used MadMimi and Constant Contact for some of our clients. From time to time, I would also update their contact lists, manually and mass upload, from our email marketing platforms and even on our own database.

After more than a year, I took another position with a Recruitment company. They presented me with thousands of unsorted resumes. My job was to review and sort them into categories. I also looked for more job opening websites and found the Recruiting Managers so we could contact them and recommend talent.

I performed another Lead Generation job for a marketing company where I was provided with more than 20,000+ websites. I had to find the Marketing personnel of the company and their direct contact details. By this time, I was more confident with what I was doing, and I discovered many tools that helped my success with the project.

Then came the peak of my career. I was hired by a newly born Marketing and Outsourcing company. I was one of the pioneering employees and we started working with spreadsheets at first. No training was provided; just the goal of the project. After a few months, the team grew, and I became a Team Leader. I created training documents and videos for the team, set the quota (daily and weekly), and dealt with any concerns the team had for the day.

I have grown so much with the company. I took time to learn projects we onboard and took part in all trainings alongside my team. I made myself available at all times to help with any concerns anyone might have. I became autonomous and always on top of our projects.

My vigilance was noted, and a few months later, I was promoted to System Admin. I was now separated from a team, and directly working on concerns from the clients. This was all a new learning curve for me. I spent hours watching webinars, reading problems and solutions on Salesforce Community, and purchased books to understand the system better. I was to create the Validation Rules – this is when one enters info and it does not match the criteria for the field, it will not allow the user to continue. I had to Build reports for the Internal team to look for the statistics of their progress, flows for redirecting buttons to pages and other processes.

On a personal note, I am an outdoor kind of person. I love to travel with friends and family. And I am always the photographer of the trip or whatever the occasion is. I always create videos with snippets from the trips I’ve been on… a Vlog. I like doing this as it makes the memory last forever.

I would never say “Never!” to anything, because I have faith in myself as I have faith in Him. I love taking challenges, just don’t make me eat anything spicy!

This is me, Stephanie Radan, your Rockstar VA!

For a copy of Stephanie’s resume please click here.