Symon Joshua P. Santos – Administrative Assistant

symon-santos-formalWhether you’re looking for someone to assist you through e-mail support, help you write for your blog, proofread your works, or just assist you in any way possible, then I got you! I’m Symon Joshua P. Santos, and this is my story.

As a child, there were just too many traumatic memories (ranging from financial to emotional matters) that molded me into the person that I am today. That is not to say that I’ve grown up to be a concoction made from the worst of my experiences. It was the opposite that happened. From the mistakes of those around me, I learned how to adapt to my environment efficiently and sail through the vast expanse of the world. Learning became my comfort and I haven’t stopped gathering information, even during the times when I get down. Let’s back up a little.

During my elementary years, I was initially transferred from the first section (which had the “brightest” students) to the last section (which had the “dullest” students). “Why?” I hear you say. It was because of the fact that I let my cousins copy my answers during the mock exams. I found this unfair due to the fact that they got to remain in the first section despite them being the cheats. I didn’t let this minor injustice hold me back, though. From the second grade up to my high school graduation, I managed to rank among the best of our batch. Never was there a year that I didn’t get to climb symon-santos-playing-ukeleleup on the stage alongside my parents who put the medals upon me. These achievements I strove for so that I could acquire scholarships and lessen the financial burden of studying.

When I got to college, I joined the school’s orchestra where I played percussion and baritone. One thing worth mentioning here is the fact that our then president told me that I was a “fast learner”. Of course, this skill of mine doesn’t only apply to instruments. It translated into an ability I can use to acquire new skills. Back in elementary up until college, I proofread for the schools’ newspapers and subsequently became their representative during inter-school competitions in copyreading and headline writing.

It was also during my college years that I got my first experience as a virtual assistant. For around a year, I worked at DataOutsource, performing prospecting work, e-mailing and calling clients, and assisting my superior whenever possible. I also sidelined as a ghostwriter and proofreader for a wide range of people, from students to professionals.

Now, I am about to further my experience as a virtual assistant and help make the world a better place. Through hard work, perseverance, commitment, and excellent service, I aspire to help clients achieve their goals as I try to achieve mine.

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