Kristine Caroll Lozada

Kristine Lozada - Customer Service Representative, Graphic Design Hello. My name is Kristine Caroll P. Lozada and this is my story. I’ve always been passionate about designing ever since I was in high school. I’ve experimented with photo editing, video editing, and web designing on every platform that I can use. When I started college, I first took a [...]


Eliezer Santiago Paner

Eliezer Paner – Mechanical Designer, 3D Modeler, Drafter, Prototype Simulation I have worked as a Mechanical designer, 3D modeler, Mechanical Drafter for 7 years. I started working as a mechanical designer for 2 years for a precision machining company. I finished 24 types of jigs and fixtures during my stay in the company. Examples of these are orientation jigs, [...]