Krista Rea Tasha R. Caguite

Krista Caguite - Accountant Hello there! I am Tasha. I am a person who believes that she is destined for greatness and wants to share it with the world. A resilient woman that chooses to move forward in every hardship she faces. I love to discover, explore and do sort of new things to boost my passion and purpose [...]


Maureen Singh

Maureen Singh - Accountant My name is Maureen Singh and I’m from Fiji Island. From my childhood time, my ambition always has been to be an Accountant and the journey to be one was really exciting. Being one of the 5 sisters in my family, it was not easy to get tertiary education done but I was fortunate enough [...]


Revelyn Tomas

Revelyn Tomas - Accountant For the footsteps I make each day to continue life, these are steps I needed to move forward and battle in order to be happy and live a life of content. Each day becomes a miracle waking up and a strength to fill-up an empty space within. And I do it repeatedly to create joy [...]


Mary Paz G. Abrea

Mary Abrea - Accountant Hi, my name is Mary Paz. I am from Camiguin Island, Philippines. It is an island situated in the Northern part of Mindanao and it is very well-known for its mesmerizing tourist spots that capture the heart of every tourist who gets to visit the island. It is also known for its sweet and delicious [...]


Jairus Mark Lim

Jairus Mark Lim - Accountant I am Jairus Mark Lim - a CPA from the Philippines. I never imagined passing the board exam for CPA here in the Philippines. During my time, the passing rate was already below 30%! The fear of not passing was real during examination and it added too much pressure on me. But still, I [...]


Kasayra Joy Aramain

Kasayra Aramain - Accountant Hi! I am Kasayra Joy Aramain, a Certified Public Accountant and a Cum Laude graduate with a degree of Bachelors of Science in Accountancy from a prestigious school in the Philippines. I am a consistent honor student since Elementary and have been working hard reach success since I was a child. It has always been [...]


Jeannen Jardeniano

Jeannen Jardeniano - Bookkeeper, Accountant My name is Jeannen Jardeniano you can call me JEAN for short. I am double degree holder. I graduated at Rizal Technological University with a degree in BS Accounting Technology. I was a University scholar and one of the Dean's Listers. I wanted to pursue my dream to be a CPA or Licensed Accountant, [...]


Sahara Mae Tamayo

Sahara Mae Tamayo - Accountant Ever since I was a kid, I already loved to deal with numbers and enjoyed solving maths problems. That's why, I've decided to make my passion a profession so I can enjoy it as much as possible! I've been practicing accounting for four years now and worked with multiple companies where I managed or [...]


Zaneta G. Silvestre

Zaneta is an Accountancy Graduate from Saint Louis University Baguio City, an experienced Certified Public Accountant and a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor Online from the Philippines.


Mollen Lloyd Oliver C. Pore

Mollen graduated with Bachelor degrees in both Accountancy and Accounting Technology. He is familiar with navigating various software such as QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB, Expensify, and

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