Kristina Narkiene

Kristina Narkiene - Admin Assistant, Business Consultant Admin or PA - I will go above and beyond to be as good and as efficient as I can be with provided tasks. I am passionate about that ever since I can remember. Time management and organisational skills are my superpowers and this is what I do even unconsciously. I have [...]


Ederlinda De Guzman Musngi

Ederlinda Musngi - Administrative Assistant Getting to know Ederlinda Musngi... You can call me Eder. My work experiences have been within Administrative Assistance, Research, and Sales. My recent was work-from-home as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to a US client. Working as an Administrative Assistant for 12 years in a planning department has served as a great advantage to [...]


Joycebell Magaway

Joycebell Magaway - Admin Assistant, Social Media Manager, Real Estate Hi, I am Joycebell Magaway, 27 years of age, single, and from Davao City, Philippines. You can call me Joyce. I finished my 2-year vocational course in 2013 and I took up Web Application Management. After my graduation, I worked as a Barista for 5 years in a coffee [...]

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