Laser Ace Solano

Laser Solano - Customer Service Representative A lot of clients are looking well-experienced and almost but not near to a perfect VA based on what they needed. Laser is an experienced Customer Service Representative and Cold Caller. He also do some simple tasks before that made him realize that he can do things that are outside his knowledge. Laser [...]


Archielyn Plandano

Archielyn Plandano - Customer Service Representative Hi, my name is Archielyn Plandano. I live in Bulacan. I have 4 years of work experience in a call center with different accounts. I'm going to walk you through my working experience in detail to the best of my ability. Student loan forgiveness program (US). My job was to cold call the [...]


Allan Nicholo Villanueva

Allan Villanueva - Customer Service Representative Hello there! My full name is Allan Nicholo Villanueva. My friends call me Allan and, for some reason, my relatives nicknamed me "Kuloy". I still love them nonetheless. I am living independently in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental with my 2 Shih Tzus, but I grew up in Basay. It's a small town down [...]


Kim Brian Englis

Kim Englis - Customer Service Representative, Research Hi! My name is Kim Brian. You can call me Kim or Brian it depends on you. Before I went to college, we didn't have money to pay for the enrollment fee, so I planted flowers or did farming for the All Saints Day. When All Saint Day came, I sold the [...]


Clarice Palomo

Clarice Palomo - Administrative Assistant, Real Estate I've been a freelancer since 2017 but prior to that, I have experienced working in the corporate world here in the Philippines. I worked as an admin assistant in a brokerage firm and that's when I fell in love in the real estate industry. I experienced talking to some high-end people when [...]


Nikki Mericarr Guadalupe

Nikki Guadalupe - Human Resource, Real Estate Hi! My name is Nikki Mericarr and I am here to tell you my story. I am the 2nd of 4 siblings. I used to be a papa's girl. Unfortunately, my father died before I even graduated from college. He used to work as a school administrator. I've witnessed his interactions with [...]


Mega Eliza Marilla

Mega Marilla - Customer Service Representative My name is Mega Eliza Marilla, but you can just call me Mega because I feel empowered by that name like its literal meaning. Anyways, to start introducing myself, I want you to know more about me not just as a jobseeker but as an individual and an employee. I was born and [...]


Novelle Grace Trono

Novelle Trono - Customer Service Representative I always wanted to have a job in the media industry that’s why I took up Journalism in college. It was not easy, but by God’s grace, I was able to finish it well. Right after college, I needed to fly out of my hometown right away because my sister needed to go [...]


Frea Agwaking

Frea Agwaking - Administrative Assistant, Real Estate My name is Frea Agwaking, I am 28 years old, single, and have no kids. I am the first born of 8 siblings. My parents are labourers. They got married when they were really young. Due to the pandemic they don’t have any income at this moment so I am applying for [...]


Tarah Lois A. Muego

Tarah Muego - Customer Service Representative Hello there! I am Tarah Lois A. Muego but you can call me Tarah for short. I am the youngest daughter of the family. I have a beautiful sister with a handsome son. I studied Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I started my BPO Journey in 2020. I experienced being a Customer Representative [...]

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