Mary Rose Bartido

Mary Bartido - Real Estate, Bookkeeping I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology at Father Saturnino Urios University and I was a Student Assistant in that same University for 2 years. I worked hard to survive college even though I was a working student. Accounting is my passion. Aside from working with numbers, it helps [...]


Diana Ramirez

Diana Ramirez - Bookkeeping I am a remarkable bookkeeper! What makes me remarkable? You will see when you hire me. I am a BS-Accountancy graduate. After graduation, I took the CPA board exam twice but unfortunately, it's not for me. But life goes on. I have worked since 2007 in 4 different companies in their finance departments. I was [...]


Christine Joy Yambao

Christine Yambao - Accounting Hello there! I’m Christine Joy R. Yambao, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and with a master’s degree in Business Administration at University of Mindanao. I am also an NCIII Certified Bookkeeper. But before graduating from college, I already applied for jobs – this is my way of practicing and gaining experience in [...]


Jairus Mark Lim

Jairus Mark Lim - Accountant I am Jairus Mark Lim - a CPA from the Philippines. I never imagined passing the board exam for CPA here in the Philippines. During my time, the passing rate was already below 30%! The fear of not passing was real during examination and it added too much pressure on me. But still, I [...]


Zaneta G. Silvestre

Zaneta is an Accountancy Graduate from Saint Louis University Baguio City, an experienced Certified Public Accountant and a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor Online from the Philippines.


Lisha Mae F. Lalantacon

Lisha is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology. She is also a Certified Bookkeeper and Certified Accounting Technician (CMA Australia). She has worked with SAP Business One and QuickBooks accounting software.


Cecilia M. Olis

Cecilia Olis - Human Resource Management Hello! I’m Cecilia Olis, but you can call me Cecil. I am married and now have a 5-year old daughter. As a working mum, I always remind myself to be strong and work hard to provide for the needs of my child. As much as possible, I don’t want my child to experience [...]


Jenny Luz Enerio Jenotan

Jenny Luz Enerio Jenotan - Bookkeeper I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at MSU-IIT and I can say that I am really proud of that. I never thought I would finish this 5-year course but I love working with numbers and accounting is my passion. Being the only child in the family made me more inspired, [...]


Floreen Ortega, CB, RCA

Floreen Ortega, CB, RCA - Certified Bookkeeper and Registered Cost Accountant I believe that dreams do come true as long as we strive hard for it and don’t give up. There are times that we do stumble and fall but don’t let obstacles hinder you from reaching your goals. Hi - I am Floreen Ortega and my story goes [...]

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