Clint Pearson Sia

Clint Sia - Graphic Designer Let me start by saying hello! I am Clint Pearson Sia, born in Cebu City, Philippines. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts major in English. By profession, I am a Creative Designer. But enough about that, let me tell you about my story. Growing up was a bit complicated for me, my parent's [...]


Mary Grace Ramos

Mary Ramos - Administrative Assistant "Earn Your Success Based on Service to others not the expense to others" Hi, My name is Mary Grace Ramos. I studied Business Administration major in marketing. I am a Virtual Assitant specializing in general administrative support, and Social media management. I have experience working in various industries in credit repair, real estate, Health [...]


Sheadenil Silvela

Sheadenil Silvela - Executive Assistant I am a Graduate of Business Administration Major in Operations Management at STI College - Cebu. I am really proud of being able to finish my studies despite being a full-time call center employee. I love cooking, watching movie series, and playing the guitar. Well, I am a huge fan of The Beatles. I [...]


Mel Alodiah Panganiban

Mel Panganiban - Administrative Assistant Good Morning! I am Mel Alodiah Panganiban and I am hoping that I can be of service to you soon. It is always a Good Morning because every morning means we celebrate a new life and a new challenge. I always have a mixture of positivity and optimism in all my endeavours. And I [...]


Leslie Baliong

Leslie Baliong - Real Estate, Administrative Assistance An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Being at the age of 43 doesn't hinder me from learning and exploring new things. Age is just a number as they say, while learning is a nonstop experience until you breathe your last. I've been a VA for more than 13 years now. [...]


Yllana Ellevera

Yllana Ellevera - Bookkeeper, Digital Marketing I consider myself blessed being a lone child in a family of four. This has translated to me being self-sufficient in most of life scenarios since I didn’t grow up alongside lots of kids my age. I have accomplished a Diploma in Accountancy but I’ve become interested in other fields after I got [...]


Florence C. Monleon

Florence Monleon - Administrative Assistant, Digital Marketing My name is Florence Monleon. I have a degree in Psychology that I acquired in 2018. I am the second born in my family. I grew up in Dubai, U.A.E. When I was in 7th grade, my parents decided that we should all move back home because of the economic crisis U.A.E [...]


Jenny Luz Enerio Jenotan

Jenny Luz Enerio Jenotan - Bookkeeper I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at MSU-IIT and I can say that I am really proud of that. I never thought I would finish this 5-year course but I love working with numbers