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Philippe Joshua Evardo

I am a skilled Administrative Officer with more than three years of experience supporting operational and administrative functions. The majority of my work experience involves performing duties related to data entry and management, organising company records, invoicing and customer service. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. I have a strong theoretical background in marketing and strategic research and analysis that I want to apply and build my skills upon as an aspiring freelancer.


Arian Kyle Tayo

Arian Kyle Tayo - Graphics Designer & Web Developer Hi, my name is Arian, but you can call me yan. I am a graduate of Information Technology. I am a passionate, hardworking, and trustworthy person. During my spare time, I watch Netflix TV shows while sipping a cup of coffee. I love going to the beach to hang out [...]


Dennis Davao

I have extensive experience as a Team Leader for a multi-national company, training new team members on how to perform superior customer service. I have worked in sales, performed coaching, run meetings with teams, and analysed data to find areas for improvement in the business.

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