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Kristene Marize Ireneo Silvero

I am Tin, Filipino millennial who is passionate in everything I do. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science Psychology with three scholarship programs to maintain. During my university days, I was looking forward to having a part time job, but my scholarships forbid me to do so, what a blessing I had! 🙂 After university, I was employed immediately as a Human Resource Officer, basically handling all facets of the department. It was quite challenging as I didn’t have much experience, yet I was able to strive and grow from it. My critical thinking, analysing and decision making skills were stretched and developed. Dealing with all kinds of people in this organisation, from rank and file, to management to board of directors, including local celebrities as my boss, third parties such as suppliers, government employees that deal with Human Resource, and even Labour Relations (just to name a few) was indeed a humbling experience for me. These things prepared me for a bigger responsibility, so I see it as a blessing.


Elaine Mae P. Ladera

Elaine Mae Ladera - Accounting Analyst and Customer Service Welcome to Virtual Assistant Team. This is Daylin your Partner, Assistant, Friend or whatever you may call it. I am here with one goal and that is to make your life easier and help you and your business succeed. Yes, my nickname is 'Daylin' but you can always call me [...]


Krizhia Herradura – Torres

I am an Event Specialist who assists in planning, organising and executing events. I negotiate with vendors and contractors, manage attendees, take care of administrative tasks for the events, and take care of all of those extra special touches that make the event a success. I also have experience in Customer Relations, data entry, and order fulfillment. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and training in corporate writing and Business Quality Training.


Icar A. Ballesteros

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and this has assisted me with my work as an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) content writer and link builder. I am skilled with WordPress, email management and content creation. I enjoy working with and interacting with others, and have also worked as a Customer Service Representative. My writing skills are advanced and I’ve even proofread and edited manuscripts from authors.


Angelica Apostol Saguinsin

I am a Sales, Marketing and Social Media Manager. I have worked with WordPress, MS Office, Google Apps, Slack and PhotoEditor. I have experience with a range of social media platforms and email campaigns. I have performed cold calling, created systems to streamline sales processes and organised large events in cost effective ways. I have a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

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