Reynadel M. Nicor

My name is Reynadel and I’m the eldest child among five children. I was born and raised in Cebu City, Philippines where I had a wonderful childhood. My father used to work abroad as a seafarer. So he was away from us for short bouts of time to provide everything that we needed as a family. My mum was a housewife who took care of us while my father was away and sold food from home. We had this little food stall that she ran while all of us were at school. I can say that we had all the things we needed. When my dad struggled to cope with the feelings of being away from us (he was so home sick) and decided to quit the job – our lives suddenly changed. Though we are complete and happy as a whole family we struggled financially. My mum continued to sell food and my father worked as a project-based Construction Operator. My grandmother is the one who put me through High School and College.