Krista Rea Tasha R. Caguite

Krista Caguite - Accountant Hello there! I am Tasha. I am a person who believes that she is destined for greatness and wants to share it with the world. A resilient woman that chooses to move forward in every hardship she faces. I love to discover, explore and do sort of new things to boost my passion and purpose [...]


Helen Joy Beniasan

Helen Beniasan - Executive Assistant I started working as a Virtual Assistant when I finished school in college. It was hard for me to adjust because it was new to me and I am not familiar with the tools that they're using but I learned. I started a job when I was in my first year of college. I [...]


Marjorie Anne Macahilas

Marjorie Macahilas - Digital Marketing Hi there! I’m Marj. Like everyone else, I started my career as a Customer Support when I was 18 years old. I can still recall how innocent I looked back then, being a newbie in the industry and not knowing how exactly I would navigate through it. But that never stopped me from aspiring [...]


Maricel Rutaquio

Maricel Rutaquio - Accounting, Bookkeeping I am a person who believes that "Hope is the power that gives a person the confidence to step out of the comfort zone and work hard to achieve success. Do not give up. You never fail until you stop trying." Hi, my name is Maricel and I love being called Cel for short. [...]


Jemima Matute

Jemima Matute - Executive Administrative Assistant Hi, I’m Jemima, but you can just call me Jem. I started working when I was in my 3rd year in college as I needed some extra cash to help me with my studies. I worked as a recruitment assistant in one of the BPO companies here in Davao City. I worked during [...]


Catherine Martinez

Catherine Martinez - Administrative Assistant Hello! I’m Catherine. You can call me Cathy. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science major in Psychology and master’s degree holder in Guidance & Counseling. I’m a Licensed Guidance Counselor too. I became a mother 2 years after I finished college. I was working in the BPO industry for 6 years thinking it’s [...]


Roeza Joyce dela Pena

Roeza Dela Pena - Administrative Assistance, Bookkeeping, and Writing Hi, I am Royce and I would love to know about you too. Let me share some things about me so we can get more comfortable moving forward. I am passionate about writing and I never shy away from expressing my points of view. I also love playing the guitar [...]


Ronalyn Almario

Ronalyn Almario - Social Media Manager Hi Ronalyn is the name and Virtual Assisting is my game. I want to be known as a well rounded VA. I have experienced doing internet research, lead generation, data entry, cold emailing and Social Media Management. My tasks in Social media are to make a content plan and calendar. I do graphics [...]


Delver Sitones

Delver Sitones - General Virtual Assistant Hi, my name is Delver, but my friends call me Del. I am a detail-oriented professional with a decade of experience in the contact center industry. I have a zest for solving complex problems, proven people management and leadership skills to improve quality, cost, and time metrics for my future employers. I also [...]

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