Karyn Durbin-Zlatkovic

Hello there, my name is Karyn. I am here to be your Virtual Assistant extraordinaire! I love doing the nitty gritty work of sorting out issues and solving problems. I like organising and getting things into order. Able to work with little supervision, I recently completed a university degree online from home with an above average GPA of 5.3, meaning I got several distinctions. I am Australian-born and I currently reside on the East Coast of Australia, on the Gold Coast. I have been teaching English for five years in Asia, Europe, and Central Australia. I have an Australian accent with a slight English twang and also possess excellent cross-cultural communication skills. I have tutored literacy and numeracy as well as history, geography, and art in primary, secondary and tertiary levels (University).


Robert Sulejmanov

Hello there, my name is Robert, my folks call me Rob. Welcome to my profile! I started working as soon I finished high school. Due to certain circumstances, I wasn’t able to continue to college. Throughout the years, I have had various jobs but they can be generalised into warehousing, sales and quality control services. I learned that having extra skills can be beneficial, so a year ago I started engaging in various courses and trainings in order to grow in value and improve my skill sets. I have finished AutoCAD 2D course and a small digital marketing course as well. I’ve also enrolled into web development programs, which currently are on standby.

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