Jannesse Maria Villanueva

Jannesse Villanueva - Executive Virtual Assistant Hi there, I'm Jannesse, say it with finesse, and not Janice, like Japanese. To make it easy for you, you may simply call me Jann. I am one individual who is determined, goal-oriented, and focused. I am the type of person who is persistent. I believe that hard work pays off. I am [...]


Eunice Alcantara

Eunice Alcantara - Customer Service Representative, Real Estate Hi! My name is Eunice. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. I was a working student during my college years and I never stopped working since then to support my family and myself who's living independently in Metro Manila. I started my career in the BPO [...]


Joyce Anne Lyn Gavieres

Joyce Gavieres - Customer Service Representative, Real Estate Hello and good day! My name is Joyce Anne Lyn but you can call me Jal for short. I am an undergraduate of Hotel and Restaurant Studies. Due to financial restraints, I had to start working and become our family’s breadwinner. I started off as an agent for a debt collections [...]


Van Hussen Manuel

Van Hussen Manuel - Real Estate Analyst My name is Van Hussen Manuel and I am a dedicated administrative professional with a degree in Financial Management and a strong background in Real Estate Industry. I've been working as a Real Estate Analyst for quite a long time now. My duties and responsibilities as a Real Estate Analyst involved Financial [...]


Delver Sitones

Delver Sitones - General Virtual Assistant Hi, my name is Delver, but my friends call me Del. I am a detail-oriented professional with a decade of experience in the contact center industry. I have a zest for solving complex problems, proven people management and leadership skills to improve quality, cost, and time metrics for my future employers. I also [...]


Rachelle Nazareno-Basadre

Rachelle Basadre - Recruitment, Administrative and Customer Support Hello, I am Rachelle Nazareno-Basadre, a wife, a mother of a 2-year-old daughter, and a singer. I studied Business Administration Major in Marketing Management from 2010-2017. It took me 7 years to graduate from college due to financial limitations since Xavier University is one of the finest schools here and the [...]


Elaine Mae P. Ladera

Elaine Mae Ladera - Accounting Analyst and Customer Service Welcome to Virtual Assistant Team. This is Daylin your Partner, Assistant, Friend or whatever you may call it. I am here with one goal and that is to make your life easier and help you and your business succeed. Yes, my nickname is 'Daylin' but you can always call me [...]