Clint Pearson Sia

Clint Sia - Graphic Designer Let me start by saying hello! I am Clint Pearson Sia, born in Cebu City, Philippines. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts major in English. By profession, I am a Creative Designer. But enough about that, let me tell you about my story. Growing up was a bit complicated for me, my parent's [...]


Anjo Sunga

Anjo Sunga - Photography, Graphic Design Hey there! My name is Anjo Sunga. A Photographer by profession and a soon-to-be Fashion Entrepreneur. Currently, I am a well-rounded artist/designer focusing on Photography, Fashion, and Sculpture. Now at give you a background of my personality, I am a very outgoing person who is known to be a jack-of-all-trades. I have been [...]


Rafael Rodrigo Yap

Rafael D. Yap - Graphic Design Hello, I am Rafael Rodrigo Yap. My friends call me Raf or Ralph. I live in Quezon City, Philippines. I am a middle child and a single dad for a 7-year-old little girl. I studied multimedia arts in an IT college for two years. When I was young, I used to always join [...]


Joy Cunanan

Joy Cunanan - Administrative Assistant, Customer Service My passion is creating, designing, editing photos and videos, producing simple yet quality visual content to communicate messages. My name is JOY and I’m a proud Mompreneur. I have a degree in Bachelor of Science Major in Psychology and I had been in the corporate world for almost 11 years before setting [...]


John Andrie Penales

John Penales - Administrative Assistant Hi! My name is John, 22 years old from Davao City, Philippines. I’m currently a student of Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering. At the age of 10, I became a young independent since my parents separated and left us to our relatives. At that young age, I was tested by the hardship of [...]


Eliza Jean Hinay

Eliza Hinay - Administrative Assistant, Writer Hello! I'm Eliza but you can call me Liz. Here's a bit of my story. I took Computer Science as a chosen degree in college but wasn't able to finish it primarily because I found myself just going with the flow and not doing the things I truly like. I've always wanted to [...]


Royette Pacil

Royette Pacil - Real Estate, CSR Hello! My name is Roy, and I want to share with you my story. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and a professional with nearly 4 years of Account Management experience in various fields such as of Commercial Real Estate, Retail, Employment Website, and Business Process Outsourcing. During my tenure [...]


Livingstone P. Aldiano

Livingstone Aldiano - Graphic Designer Hi, there! I am Livingstone Aldiano, an aspiring Cebuano film-maker and multimedia artist. I finished my Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Cinema from one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines, the University of San Carlos. My field has always been my passion. I am always inspired to see life being translated [...]


Ellwellyn Solis Tecson

Ellwellyn is an undergraduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Visual Communication. She can perform graphic design, photography, photo and video edits - indeed anything that is digital or traditional, related to arts.