Acelyn Barcelite

Acelyn Barcelite - Accounting and Bookkeeping My name is Acelyn Barcelite but you can call me Ace and I am from Cebu, Philippines. My interests include; traveling, playing volleyball, paper crafting, and doing volunteer work. I love to engage in the development of our community because it gives me unexplainable fulfillment. Back in college, I was a volunteer in [...]


Jean Tanya Espayos

Jean Espayos - Administrative Assistant Hi, I’m Jean! Choosing what course I will take during my last year of high school is not an easy thing for me but I am thankful for having parents that didn’t put too much pressure on me. Having people around me with an accountancy profession made me decide to take BS Accountancy as [...]


Helen Joy Beniasan

Helen Beniasan - Executive Assistant I started working as a Virtual Assistant when I finished school in college. It was hard for me to adjust because it was new to me and I am not familiar with the tools that they're using but I learned. I started a job when I was in my first year of college. I [...]


John Paul Lambo

John Lambo - Customer Service Representative Hey there! My name is John Paul Nicko Lambo, JP for short. It's been a rough year last year not just for me, but for the rest of the world too. But if there's anything that I am thankful for, it's that my family is safe, and work from home opportunities are emerging [...]


Catherine Martinez

Catherine Martinez - Administrative Assistant Hello! I’m Catherine. You can call me Cathy. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science major in Psychology and master’s degree holder in Guidance & Counseling. I’m a Licensed Guidance Counselor too. I became a mother 2 years after I finished college. I was working in the BPO industry for 6 years thinking it’s [...]


Rachelle Nazareno-Basadre

Rachelle Basadre - Recruitment, Administrative and Customer Support Hello, I am Rachelle Nazareno-Basadre, a wife, a mother of a 2-year-old daughter, and a singer. I studied Business Administration Major in Marketing Management from 2010-2017. It took me 7 years to graduate from college due to financial limitations since Xavier University is one of the finest schools here and the [...]


Necitas Camasura

Necitas Camasura - Administrative Assistant Everyone has a story to tell – this is mine. Hi, my name is Necitas but you can call me Nice. I am from the Philippines, married and a loving mother of two adorable kids. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Executive Resource Management. It was a four-year [...]


Mary Joy Estillore

Mary Estillore - Customer Support Representative "Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards" according to Soren Kierkegaard. Indeed, I’m a strong believer of a saying "Better days are coming so just move forward and enjoy life." I’m very pleased to introduce myself – I am Mary Joy Estillore. I prefer to be called as [...]