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Mae Joy Templora Lazaro

Mae Joy Templora Lazaro - CSR and ESL Tutor Good day! I'm Mae Joy Lazaro, my family and friends call me Joy for short. I'm 35 years old and happily married with 4 kids. I am a fulltime housewife and a part-time online English teacher by night. I am a registered nurse by profession but changed career 10 years [...]


Elizabeth O. Aguilus

Elizabeth O. Aguilus - Auditor I am a seasoned Quality Assurance officer. I have also worked for a bank as a collections agent. I'm well versed in customer service whether it's for voice, chat or email accounts. If you're looking for a virtual assistant who's highly trainable, a multi-tasker, can work with minimal supervision and with common sense, them [...]


Mildred D. Aurina

Mildred D. Aurina - Supervisor My name is Mildred Aurina, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology. I am happily married and a mother of 2 wonderful boys. They are my strength and the main reason why I would like to shift to freelancing. I love spending time with my kids and would to like to witness [...]


Jacob S. Perez

Jacob S. Perez - Programmer My name is Jacob. My parents gave me this name hoping that I will grow to become a friendly and good mannered individual. I’m a person who believes that behind every name is a special meaning. I was born in a good Christian family and I’m proud of it. Out of my curiosity, I [...]


Chrislyn S. Cabahug

Chrislyn S. Cabahug - Collections Account Agent My life story is the exact opposite of my favorite television series. I grew up in a broken family. To begin with, I used to live with my mother who did everything she could to take care of me. However when I was in grade school, my grandmother took me as she [...]


Delvie Columna Bernadas

Delvie Columna Bernadas - Customer Relations Specialist Olah! My name is Delvie - your all-round Virtual Assistant. I possess a Bachelors Degree in Broadcasting. I have a wide range of skills, knowledge, experiences and expertise when it comes to Customer Service and Administration. I wasn't born with silver spoon in my mouth but I was raised well knowing that [...]


Antonio Balagosa Jimenez

Antonio Balagosa Jimenez - CSR and Team Leader As a child, I always wanted to become either a priest or a lawyer. I entered the seminary for 5 years but eventually left when I fell in love. What else could I do? I was just a lover and I won’t deny myself for it. So then I proceeded to [...]


Alvin Natividad

Alvin Natividad - Customer Service Specialist Hi, my name is Alvin, and the majority of people call me Vhinz. I took up a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a Major in Social Studies. I am an experienced Customer Service Agent, Quality Analyst, Subject Matter Expert, Supervisor, and Escalation Management Lead. I have been in the BPO industry [...]


Cherr Resuma-Alaba

Cherr Resuma-Alaba - CSR and Quality Assurance Specialist Hi, my name is Cherr Alaba, 28 years of age. I am a mother of a 5 year old kid. I was working in a BPO industry for 10 years as a Quality Assurance Specialist. I loved my job as it was my 1st job. I learned to multitask when it [...]


Maria Concepcion R. Mercado, Dip FP

Maria Concepcion R. Mercado, Dip FP - Paraplanner Hi there! My name is Macon and I’ve been in the corporate world since 2008, focusing on the financial services industry. I have worked in various roles for both local and multinational companies where I managed to offer a strong track record in delivering tasks accurately, efficiently and timely. Over the [...]