Jenny Rey C. Sabit

Jenny Rey Sabit - Recruitment Associate, CSR I graduated Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management, Marketing and Economics and I took the Teacher Certificate Program. I am a Licensed Professional Teacher and a Licensed Financial Advisor. I worked in a BPO industry for more than 8 years. I used to work as a Customer Service Representative, Inbound [...]


Jechrife Pulido

Jechrife Pulido - Customer Representative Hello there! My name is Jechrife Lumagason Pulido, and I would just love to share with you a little bit of my unique name's origin, "Jechrife". Well, it's actually a combination of JEsus CHRIst and FElix Y. Manalo (Executive Minister of Church of Christ/Iglesia Ni Cristo, my Religion of which I am a proud [...]


Ranie Sumilang

Ranie Sumilang - Real-time Analyst I’m Ranie Martinez Sumilang. My colleagues call me Ranie Boy. I’m a father of two and a faithful husband to my wife. I graduated with a Diploma in Computer in Electronics Technology. My first job was as a Customer Service Representative/Head Technician. That role lasted 3 years. In 2011, I worked as an IT [...]

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