Katherina Angelica Garcia

Katherina Angelica Garcia - Customer Service, Social Media Manager Hi, I'm Katherina Garcia but you can call me Kate. I have been working for almost 20 years now, mostly in the customer service field, but I also have experiences in Sales and Marketing, Freight forwarding, Appointment setting and Digital Marketing. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration [...]


Charisse Joy Malaras

Charisse Malaras - Accounting, Customer Service Representative Good day! My name is Charisse Joy Malaras. I have over five years of work experience in customer and admin support. I am a graduate of Management Accounting. I have always been open to learning and giving my best to have a better result in everything I do. I am an experienced [...]


Arvin T. Prudenciado

Arvin Prudenciado - Social Media Management and E-Commerce Hello, Vin here from Cebu City, and this is my story (well, some parts of it). Growing up, I thought that there was just a linear path one’s road could travel. I thought that a vivid vision of oneself can be attained just because someone predestined you to be such. Graduate [...]


Mikhael Adrian V. Laoagan

I am a positive person who can work under pressure, work independently or as part of a team. I am patient, a fast learner, and hardworking. I have worked as an admin assistant performing HR tasks, preparing and assisting tenants with contracts in the Real Estate Sector, and I have worked as an English Teacher. Customer Service has also been a central part of my roles.


Charmen Katipunan

I have worked in the BPO industry and as a Virtual Assistant, helping clients grow their businesses and achieve their goals. I have also worked as a Sales Operations Administrator for a large IT Company and Customer Service Rep helping in Technical Support. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Major in Industrial Psychology) I enjoy connecting with clients – helping to resolve their issues in efficient and effective ways.

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