Mailene Dumajel
March 1, 2017

After being away from my family for more than 8 years, I decided to leave the corporate world to start a family of my own. At first I thought the struggles of being pregnant ends after giving birth, but I was wrong. Finding a balance between my job and raising my kids was difficult. I often come in late for work because my kids don’t want me to leave. I skip work when they’re sick or when there’s no one to look after them. Sometimes, I would bring them in the office and let them sleep under my table just so I can work and take care of them at the same time.

Leaving my kids at home and enduring a 2-hour commute was really challenging. I would often wish there was a way for me to work without leaving them, but I was also scared to lose the health benefits that I was enjoying at work. The company I last worked with went bankrupt and they had to let go of their remote employees. At first I felt sad about losing my job shortly after celebrating Christmas and New Year, but eventually, I realized it was actually a blessing in disguise. Losing my previous job made me eager to work from home; something that I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. I have worked with several home-based clients before I found Syntax Marketing.

Syntax Marketing is a dream come true for me; working with Australian clients and having a boss that treats you like a family is really a blessing. Now, I don’t have to be away from my kids to provide for their needs. I don’t have to wake up early just to be ready for work. I can wear my pajamas and not worry about buying new clothes just to comply with the office dress code.

Working from home is like a divine intervention for moms like me to find your true calling because it gives you the chance to discover your skills and do things you love the most. Being able to work from home is a gift from Heaven and I will forever be grateful for having this opportunity to take care of my children and provide for my family at the same time.

8 years of call center hopping finally ended when I found the best company to work with. It’s not always about the money, but the kind of family any employee would wish to have and I’m hoping to stay till I get old and still able to work.