The Blockage Doctor

The Blockage Doctor is a family-run business specialising in Drain Clearing and Pipe Relining.

The Blockage Doctor Specialists fix and repair blocked sewer and stormwater pipes, toilets, showers, baths, basins, over-flowing drains, bursts, grease traps and everything in between!

With over 20 years of experience in clearing and relining draining, TBD uses the latest technology to record the insides of your drain via CCTV inspection cameras. That way they can pinpoint the exact location of the problem. Now, you may have been impressed with the whole CCTV camera set-up… but wait till you see what happens next…

The Blockage Doctor Technicians use clever technology to repair your broken or cracked pipes from the inside using an epoxy resin patch. This patch is super strong… it must be – TBD offers a 40 year warranty! And do you know what the main benefit of the exercise is? There is no need to dig up or make a mess of your yard or garden! Your garden paths, flower beds and beautiful established trees are all safe! All of the work is done inside the pipe.

More on The Blockage Doctor Services:

Drain Relining – A long term solution to cracked drains or pipes that have been affected by invading roots, soil subsidence, or shifting soil, drain relining incorporates resilient and durable resins placed directly over gaps and cracks in the pipe wall. This effectively restores the integrity and pressure usually found in the pipe without requiring those dreaded expensive excavation works.

High Pressure Jetting – The high-pressure water jetter (yes, that really is a word) cleans your pipes completely – and we do mean ‘completely’. The pipes receive a 360-degree clean, leaving virtually no trace of tree roots, fat or grease scum (ewwwwww) on the inside of your pipes.

CCTV Drain Inspection – CCTV drain inspections are equipped with a built in sonde which sends a signal to locate and mark exactly where the blockage or broken pipe is or map out your drainage pipe work without digging anything up. High tech and very efficient!

Blocked Stormwater Drain – TBD specialises in cleaning and unblocking drains as well as repairing any damage throughout the drainage system.

TBD Specialists are available 24/7, have won numerous service awards, offer pensioner discounts, are upfront with their costing structure, and on top of that – they offer a free quote – simply contact them today.

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The Blockage Doctor provides services throughout Melbourne, Brisbane, and Gol