Tiffany Geneva Javier – Receptionist Manager

tiffany-geneva-javier-profile“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” — Carl Jung

Whenever I feel defeated, this quote keeps me on track and motivates me. I always have this feeling of eagerness to strive hard in anything I do because as what the saying goes, “Life will often give you lemons”.

At an early age, I already learned how to be independent. I grew up with my grandmum who raised and taught me to appreciate all the simple things in life with a brave soul. I remember, I was in high school, I tried to be of help by doing some of my co-students projects with their typing lessons in exchange for my transportation going to school. I think that is why I work so hard, because I always wanted to be an asset, never a liability.

Luckily, with my perseverance, dedication and support from family, I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts Major in Mass Communication.

The first job I landed was in a virtual assistant agency. My major job was a Customer Email Support, I really loved my first job, collaborating ideas within the team in order to provide the best customer service we could offer. Basically, my job was to answers customer’s queries, promote products, process their orders, and some billing transactions.

Apart from these, I also acquired knowledge in admin jobs like data entry, research, and product description writing. After years of working as a Customer Support Representative, I then decided to go overseas to look for greener pastures so I can support my grandmum with her medication.

I’ve been here in Thailand for about 6 years now. I worked as a Front Office Head in a hotel where I stayed for almost 5 years. Being an expat working in a multi-cultural place was never easy but I find it challenging and satisfying knowing that I had been able to work it out and adapt it.

On a daily basis, I got to meet very diverse people from different parts of the world which gave me an extensive experience in effective communications which I consider to be my expertise. My leadership skill has also been shaped as well because my tasks mostly cover the operation and function of the entire Front tiffany-geneva-javier-bondingOffice. Being a good team player always play a vital role as well as it is crucial to coordinate with all the Department Heads in order to ensure that all the guests’ demands and concerns are being take care of.

I always believe that there’s always room for improvement and growth and that is why I am trying to explore my capabilities to broaden my knowledge and acquire new skills in the online industry once again. I also believe that when you’re passionate and driven with anything you do, nothing is impossible to achieve.

I am very easy to get along with. During my spare time, I love to watch movies, read books, explore nature and of course, play with my 3 year old son.

Thank you for having the time to read my story. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

For a copy of Tiffany’s resume please click here.