Hey ,

I am very pleased to read that you’re interested in joining our Virtual Assistant Team.

Our services can be best summed up by using the word REMOTE as an acronym:

Encourage… Virtual Assistants to succeed.

Please allow me to be totally upfront with you by stating we do not automatically accept anyone who tells us they want to join our team. As stated on our website we want to be sure that all our team members are:

  • reliable and enthusiastic
  • enjoy making their client’s life easier
  • are willing to go the extra mile
  • are prompt, polite and punctual
  • are very eager to learn and improve
  • always present your client with possible solutions if there are problems
  • not afraid to ask questions and clarify tasks
  • sensitive to cultural differences
  • have good English skills both written and verbal
  • want to belong to a winning team
  • want more than just a job

To ensure that we only recruit Virtual Assistants with the above qualities and attributes we put them through a number of tests, evaluations and interviews. Even though these tests and evaluations are easy to do and not dependent on a high level of skill or experience, there will be some individ