Hey ,

I am very pleased to read that you’re interested in joining our Virtual Assistant Team.

Our services can be best summed up by using the word REMOTE as an acronym:

Encourage… Virtual Assistants to succeed.

Please allow me to be totally upfront with you by stating we do not automatically accept anyone who tells us they want to join our team.

To ensure that we recruit Virtual Assistants of the highest standards, we put them through several tests, evaluations and interviews. Even though these tests and evaluations are easy to do and not dependent on a high level of skill or experience, there will be some individuals who cannot be bothered to do them and therefore are not deeply committed to joining our team.

My hope is that you are more than willing to play the game and do whatever it takes to succeed. 🙂

Okay let the game begin!

To demonstrate that you have properly read this message so far and would like to proceed, could you please do the following 2 research tasks.

Good Luck!


Managing Director
Virtual Assistant Team

On the Virtual Assistant Team website you’ll find the word RATE has been used as an acronym. Each letter of the word RATE describes a specific attribute of a Virtual Assistant.Task 1.

Your first task is to discover what each letter of the word RATE represents.

Task 2.

Your second task is to learn which of the 4 words does the Virtual Assistant Team believe is the most important attribute a VA should have.

Once you have the answers for the above two tasks, please go to the following webpage and enter your answers.

You’ll need to have the correct answers to unlock the next steps.