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For almost 4yrs now, I’ve always been grateful and happy with the VA Team. Alan has always been supportive of my growth and my decisions. He was always there to listen and guide you as a VA. They’ve opened doors for me and helped me reach where I am now with my career. Working from home as a mother is not a walk in the park, but I never felt pressured because Alan was always helpful and strategic. I am also grateful that Alan walked me through and matched me with a kind and considerate client who never left me even when Typhoon Odette happened. They ensured not only my safety but that of my family’s, too. Thank you always VA Team-Au. ❤️

Charmen Katipunan

It was 2019 and I had just resigned from a thankless corporate job and was thinking of either resting for a bit or going into business. I didn’t have financial stability, so I started to shop around for a new job – one that would hopefully be my last. If you’re like me and you’re constantly trying to find permanency, job hunting isn’t a fun past-time activity. After some months, I was finally referred by a former co-worker to Virtual Assistant Team. I was curious. I wanted to work from home because I’ve had it with waking up in the morning, commuting and going through grueling traffic jams to and from work, missing out on precious hours when I could have been doing something else. So I went ahead and applied. Cut to a year, eight months, and eighteen days later, I’m still here and I couldn’t be happier! It wasn’t smooth sailing and smiles all the time, but that comes with the job: you make mistakes, you learn, you hopefully grow from it, and you move on. VAT has a tremendous support system, led by its founder and owner, Alan Stewart. It’s that level of commitment and seeing and experiencing first-hand that I am valued as an employee, as a co-worker, as a person that has kept me going. It’s inspired me to take care, not only of my clients but also of myself. I am doing what I love, working with the best people, and I am forever grateful. Thank you, VAT!

Kara Garcia

I would like to say that working here in the VAT is one of the most blessings that came into my life. Alan the founder is one of a kind Boss, cool, enthusiastic, clever, very affectionate with his VA's. He always making sure that we are his priority in any circumstances. When the Pandemic started the VAT open their doors for me without thinking twice even I don't have the idea on how to be a VA. Alan and Deb treated me as their own family I can even share secrets with Alan. 😂 I've been through a lot for the past years but I overcome those consequences with the help of the VAT. Thank you bigtime Alan & Deb! Thank you VAT for the opportunity! You are a life saver company!

Gizela Oblad

I took a leap of faith and was hired at VAT 2 years ago as a Social Media M