Vidhi Sanghavi – MBA Finance

My name is Vidhi Sanghavi. Born and brought up in a joint family, I am very attached to my family members. I know it sounds different for today’s generation when people talk about living in a joint family, but I firmly believe that there are numerous benefits to living with your grandparents, parents and cousins. Our elders imbibe the values in us which no one else can, and they also show you the right path whenever you get stuck in situations or experience problems in your life.

When I was growing up, I would watch reality dance shows with my sister every weekend and I remember imitating the same dance steps in front of her. I have loved dancing ever since and I wish to become a great dancer one day. During my graduation, I remember many of my classmates participated in inter college dance and drama competitions, but somehow, I didn’t get the opportunity to represent my college in any of these. Apart from dancing, I like exploring new places and enjoy freedom. And being an Aquarian, I love the sea so I want to learn to swim as well.

Being from a family with a business background, I watched my father work for himself and his family at his convenience. However, after his joint business was shut down, I never gave a thought to starting my own business. Immediately after I finished my graduation, I began working for a financial institution and I was very lucky that the company allowed me to simultaneously complete my post-graduation studies as well. My brother is 5 years younger than I, so it was my responsibility to look after his education as well as our household expenses. Fortunately, I completed my Master’s Degree and secured a position in one of the best MNC in Pune. Since then, I have worked for different organisations and have gained expertise in various financial products and services.

I have been married for two and a half years and I must say that my husband and my in-laws are wonderfully supportive. And it’s because of my husband’s support and encouragement I have been able to work while studying for several exams. I am really very grateful for everything God has given me.

While working for one of the organisations in the past, I was part of a project called “Headstart to Leadership”, in which we enrolled management students Pan India and taught them about financial markets and products. My senior and I would make presentations in MBA Colleges in various cities and at one point he was unable to accompany me so I delivered a lecture to a class of students solo. For that particular presentation we were told that there would only be 40-45 students, however, when I entered the classroom there was more than 150 students present! Initially, I was shocked and stalled, wondering how to approach the presentation. But then I paused and reminded myself that I was representing my company. This immediately helped me to gain clarity and a positive surge of energy… and to my surprise (and delight!) I was successful in delivering the lecture. I think it is quite possibly one of the biggest achievements of my life.

To conclude I would say with my experiences, that life is always going to be full of surprises and we all should be ready for everything that it brings.

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