Featured Office and Administrative Virtual Assistants


Krizia Marie F. Bravo

I have experience in administrative tasks, customer relations, and handling basic payment transactions. I am computer literate in MS apps, and I am looking for a role that offers advancement and growth in the organisation.

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Lily May G. Gaamil

I have a wide range of skills after working as a Customer Service Supervisor and Executive Assistant for a large insurance company in Dubai. Over the years my tasks have included practically everything administrative right through to digital marketing, creation of promotional materials, managing the company website and social media accounts. You’ll find me to be mature, reliable, and collaborative.

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Ladyh April V. Arangcon

I am an efficient worker who is highly trainable and results driven. I have worked as an Appointment Setter for a Real Estate firm, College Instructor, Product Lister and performed general administration tasks including editing photos, data entry, and basic accounts in QuickBooks. I have also worked as a Customer Service Representative for a telecommunications company.

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Grace Phillips

I get a genuine thrill out of helping others succeed – whether it be a customer, a colleague or an employer. I have a wide range of skills to offer and have first-hand knowledge of what makes a business tick. I can help you with Customer Service, Social Media, Marketing, Branding, Bookkeeping, Answering the phone, Graphic Design and even Website Maintenance. I have a Diploma in Leadership Training and I am friendly, hard working and reliable.

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eleazar saraos va

Eleazar Tongbo Saraos

My goal is to become part of an organisation where I can offer my skills in administrative tasks including research and writing, bookkeeping, sales and working with client. I have clear and professional communication skills in English – both written and verbal. I have great rapport skills which help me to build long-term relationships with customers, colleagues and employers.

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Jessa Salces VA

Jessa Pedroza Salces

My goal is to become part of an organisation where I can offer my skills in administrative tasks including research and writing, bookkeeping, sales and working with client. I have clear and professional communication skills in English – both written and verbal. I have great rapport skills which help me to build long-term relationships with customers, colleagues and employers.

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Geneva Noriel Llido VA

Geneva Llido

My focus is to benefit your company and become a success in my role. I have great communication skills (written and oral), can work under pressure, and enjoy being part of a team. I have experience with performing in depth research, public speaking and video editing. I have a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies – majoring in International Politics, International Law, International Relations and Comparative Politics.

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Alyssa Oyales VA

Alyssa Beatriz Oyales-Baylon

If you need someone to perform a variety of admin tasks, then I can help. From scheduling meetings and diary management, through to producing minutes, writing reports and data entry. I am professional, organised, positive and confident.

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Russell Rose Talingting

I am looking for a position that challenges me to improve and widen my work experience. I have good oral and written communication skills in English and can work under pressure with minimum supervision. I pick up new skills easily, am responsible, and hardworking. I have worked as a Virtual Assistant to an Australian based company performing a wide range of administrative tasks.

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Melanie Grace Q. Puno

I am a hardworking, responsible individual who has mastered the art of understanding others. I am looking for a position where I can grow with the organisation and be part of a team. I have a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management and am open to learning new skills and determined to complete tasks assigned to me in the time frames specified.

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Kristine Mansilla VA

Kristine Marie Mansilla

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing. And my life has been amazing! I have worked with international non-government and humanitarian organisation over the globe. I have developed skills in office management, procurement, logistics, HR, finance, IT and security. You’ll discover I am ethical, passionate, and love working with people – helping them to be the best they can be.

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Eurupha Karyll Bernal VA

Eurupha Karyll Bernal

I have worked as an Assistant Team Leader in Business Administration, a Quality Assurance Officer conducting audits, a Benefits Officer processing payroll, a Data Entry Agent entering sensitive data, a Customer Service Rep, Head Cashier – and even a Barista… so I’ve dealt with a wide range of personalities, tasks and work pressures. I am confident, hardworking and efficient.

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Karen Zambrano VA

Karen Grace D. Zambrano

I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and have worked as a HR Generalist. I have good interpersonal, research, and communication skills. I am hardworking, trainable, and good at multi tasking. I enjoy learning, growing as an individual, and taking chances.

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candy soronnadi va

Candy M. Soronnadi

I am a Bachelor of Science in IT Graduate with exceptional technical and computer knowledge, making me excellent at PC troublshooting and hardware and software installations. I have worked as a Personal Assistant in China, have basic knowledge in a variety of software, and have 10 years experience in data entry and VA freelancing.

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Lady Krystel Enriquez-Paras

I am looking for a position in a company where my professional experience, education and abilities would be an advantage for the company. I am motivated, have good communication skills and speak English, Filipino and Arabic. I have experience as VA, Sales Rep and can provide customer service.

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Ferivie Kate Torres VA

Ferivie Kate Torres

I am an experienced Customer Service and Technical Support Representative. I have also worked as a Supervisor in the IT Industry. I also hold a Bachelor of IT Degree. You’ll find me easy to work with as I am flexible, organised, and efficient at meeting deadlines. I enjoy learning and improving, and taking the initiative.

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Liis Kupits VA

Liis Kupits

I am an Executive Assistant who can work in all levels of an organisation. I have worked in fast paced virtual environments – managing general business, diaries, and personal financial data. I can process accounts, perform reconciliations, and even prepare for annual audits. I’ve taken care of press releases, planned and managed corporate events, and been in charge of Social Media output. I’m confident, personable and fun to work with, and I’m fluent in both English and Estonian.

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Zeus Bryan T. Salcedo

As a Team Leader my most important role has been to motivate and lead by example. I have found that effective communication, efficient coaching and a genuine desire to perform well are key ingredients for team success. I have interviewed, trained, created training manuals, facilitated meetings and implemented ideas to increase performance. I also have experience as a Customer Care and Technical Support Representative and have a Degree in Business Administration Major in Management.

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VA Jake Anthony Dalanon

Jake Anthony Dalanon

I am a self-motivated hard worker who can adapt quickly to different situations. I am technically minded and proficient with computers and office software. I have worked as a Customer Service Representative, Technical Support Officer, Environmental Health and Safety Auditor, Asset Manager, Team Leader and Sales Rep. I have a degree from the Cebu Institute of Technology and have trainings in asset management, billing fundamentals and presentation skills.

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Irene Wahu Nganga

I have worked full time freelancing, helping organisations to create strategic business acumen and connect solutions to issues to deliver successful results. I also have experience as a Customer Service Officer for the Hilton Hotel, resolving customer complaints and attending to their needs. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

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Lani B. Soria

I have excellent English communication – both written and verbal. I have a call centre background so I am great on the phone, work well with others and have worked in sales. I have also performed data entry and data mining, web research, and am familiar with CRM systems and practices. You’ll find me dedicated, supportive and able to manage time effectively.

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Charmaine Tero VA

Charmaine C. Tero

I have worked as a Customer Service Agent, General VA and as a Personal Virtual Assistant. This has given me wide range of experience and skills – from researching, updating databases, working with accounts, email marketing, setting appointments, handling customer’s billing complaints, and even helping my clients enroll into qualifications that will boost their career.

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Janinah Molina VA

Janinah Molina

I have a degree in Development Communication Major in Development Journalism and am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws. I have worked as an Executive Assistant and CSR and am familiar with MS apps as well as Adobe Photoshop. I can perform general administration work, news writing, research and compile reports.

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catheryn remoto va

Catheryn Mangampo Remoto

I have a wide variety of work experiences – allowing me to develop a wide range of skills. I have worked as a CSR, Community Empowerment Facilitator and English Teacher. I speak 3 languages and have a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. I am people-oriented, able to facilitate seminar and trainings, and am computer literate in a number of MS applications.

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Carla Bejasa VA

Carla Bejasa

I am a highly motivated General Virtual Assistant. I have skills in Customer Service, basic graphics, E-commerce and administration. I have a Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology and have worked freelance as well as in various companies and the BPO industry.

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Anna Lydnor Peneiro VA

Anna Lydnor B. Peneiro

I have a good, solid background in administrative duties – from fulfilling roles of Operations Manager and Senior Accounts Person through to Sales Manager and Corporate Trainer. I have a Masters in Education Major in Language Teaching as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literature… so I guess you could say my communication skills are fairly well honed!

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Samuel Nuamah Boakye Portrait

Samuel Nuamah Boakye

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences (Accounting and Economics) as well as a Masters Degree in Information Technology. With knowledge in a wide variety of computer programs, general administration, email and social media marketing as well as customer service… I’m an ideal all-rounder for your team.

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Sheryl Dumale Portrait

Sheryl Loja-Dumale

I have been freelancing as a Virtual Assistant for a while now, working on a wide range of projects – from transcriptions through to customer service, and social media management through to basic graphic design tasks. I also have experience as a marketing and sales rep – and helped boost a company’s sales through my creation of content for email marketing campaigns.

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VA Tennille Allen

Tennille Allen

I’m an Australian VA with experience as an Office Administrator and Sales Professional. My ability to think outside of the box has been invaluable with helping resolve issues and effectively serve customers. I love being a Virtual Assistant, and my passion lies with helping businesses to grow and succeed.

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April Escototo

As a Virtual Assistant I can assist you with day-to-day tasks as I have worked in both office and BPO environments. My skills include Data Mining and Analysis, Transcription and Research. I have 11 years of work experience and can also help with planning and Customer Care. I can also take on any copy writing tasks you may have – a great way to enhance your online presence or market offline.

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Ephraim Diez

While I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, I have performed day to day administrative tasks for large corporations. I have supervised teams, monitored budgets for operations, and been responsible for generation of reports necessary for compliance. In my role as a Safety Officer I formulated and implements workplace health policies and procedures. I am also proficient in MS Apps as well as Autocad.

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Raquel Llamas

I have worked as an Operations Supervisor, and more recently as a Virtual Assistant. The range of my tasks and projects has varied over my career to include processing payments for customers, organising workflow for employees, and resolving complaints. I have been an ESL Teacher, so you can rest easy that my English is fluent and I am patient, competent and friendly. I have also spent time as a Marketing Associate and Customer Care Specialist.

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Patnala Durga Kameswari

I am looking to become part of an organisation that I can grow with and who will make the most of my skills. I can perform general administrative tasks, including Data Entry, Research, Lead Generation, Web Scraping and Email Support. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I am a hard worker who works well under pressure and can inspire others to work to the best of their ability.

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Ramsha Javed

I am an experienced freelancer with a background in general administration, proofreading and editing. I have a passion for learning, am enthusiastic and able to manage multiple projects at the same time. If you wants someone reliable, loyal and with good management skills – then I’m the ideal VA for you.

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Rose Cathreen De La Cruz

If you want someone who will do their absolute best to help your organisation grow – that’s me. I value hard work and doing the best possible job I can. I have a wide range of skills, including Customer Support, Phone, Project Management, Admin Duties, Sales, Lead Generation and HRE tasks. Oh! And I’m dynamic and a lot of fun to work with.

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VA Ruby Caysip

Ruby Caysip

I have worked my way up the ladder into a managerial position for a printing firm, where I have worked for the past 18 years. During this time I have enhanced my communication and collaboration skills. Being a supervisor, I have been responsible for staff training, task delegation and identifying performance issues. You’ll find me resourceful, organised and great at solving challenges in the workplace.

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Alexander Del Rosario

I love working and helping people – whether it be as a Customer Service Representative, Account Coordinator, or through general administrative tasks. As a Quality Assurance Specialist I can perform in depth analysis and assist with internal reports, reviews and achieving compliance. I am a quick learner, work well with others, and have an impeccable attendance record. I also have a Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science.

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Aleksandra Thomas

Aleksandra Thomas

I am an experienced Executive Virtual Assistant who has performed a wide variety of roles – from Customer Relations and General Administration right through to Payroll Officer. I co-founded the Wake Up Club when I was a teenager – a nonprofit to raise awareness of human rights violations and equality. So I understand, first-hand, the dynamics of running an organisation and the various roles needed.

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Kimberly Ilanan

If you’re looking for an organised, conscientious Admin Assistant who can work with minimal supervision, then I’m your VA. I am good at problem solving, customer service and with a typing speed of 50wpm I can transcribe any content you give me with ease. Business administration is my calling and what my initial studies were around.

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Kristel Dianne Arce

I am an Administrator, Customer Service Representative and Sales Agent. I have worked in a wide variety of environments from billings in print media through to customer care in the hotel industry. I have handled sales, billing complaints and even performed tech support for customers in the IT industry. You’ll find me dynamic, resourceful, and more than capable of building strong relationships with clients and helping you to achieve your organisational goals.

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Maria Templo

If you’re looking for an Administrative Assistant then I can help. I can handle your email, online and manual data entry, marketing, research, general office tasks and Customer Service. My English is exceptional – both spoken and written, and I can even assist with your content writing.

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Grace Borlagdan

I am a Data Entry Specialist experienced with CRM’s and research tasks. I can work independently or with a team. I am able to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines. I have also worked in Customer Service handling disputes. If you choose me to be part of your team I will provide you with excellent and quality work.

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Annjanete Pagdanganan

I am an Administrative Virtual Assistant with experience in office related work. I have good interpersonal and written communication skills, am trustworthy and reliable, and am highly effective at data management. I am looking for employment with a company that has a positive atmosphere and will allow me to grow and contribute my skills for the company’s success. Is that your company?

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Diana Pecaoco

I was always brought up to believe I can achieve more, and I’d like to apply that philosophy for your organisation. I am patient, pay attention to detail and I’m a fast learner. As your Virtual Assistant I can assist you with research, a range of admin tasks, social media and even data entry. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and studies in Event Management I believe I would be a great Executive Assistant for you.

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Elaine Faye Diez

I am a dedicated and versatile individual who adapts quickly and is able to work under pressure. This ability stems from my background in nursing. I have two degrees – one in Nursing Admin and another in Medical Surgical Nursing. I am very proficient in Microsoft Applications, have experience working as a Virtual Assistant and speak 4 languages including English and German.

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Kryzia Marie Bravo

I have training and first-hand experience in office operations and administration. I have also worked as a Customer Relations Assistant – with a lot of my experience gained within the financial sector. I am computer literate and well-versed in attending to customer’s calls and concerns.

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Carl Trias

I believe I would be a valuable asset to your organisation, as I believe my attention to detail, strong communication skills, adaptability, and respect for others can only enhance your team’s performance and cohesiveness.

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Abegail Loste

If I was to connect my experiences in my mission with Virtual work, I would say my mission was like managing my own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with the people I taught. We spoke with people every day, just like connecting with potential leads, sifting through them to find the golden ones. The skills are very similar, as is the attitude – persistent and diligent.

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Akshay Agrawal

Given the opportunity to work with you, I assure you that you will work with a very level headed person who has a simple belief in his work ethics – and that is to work with complete honesty and to give more than 100% in every given situation.

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Cassandra Way

I am a self-taught Virtual Assistant specialising in admin tasks. Working remotely gives me the freedom to study, travel and work, and support people like myself to realise their dreams. :).

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Isobelle Christine Baterna

I find delight and inspiration whenever I help my clients to achieve their goals. I take care of the mundane but important tasks, such as email, calendar management, bookkeeping or Social Media Management so you (my future client) can focus on growing your business.

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Archana Singh

I have a wide range of VA skills – from Office Admin to Graphic Artwork. I can assist with maintaining your blogs, writing content, and Social Media Management. I am a quick learner and have good written and verbal communication skills.

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