Featured Office and Administrative Virtual Assistants


Dianne Azarcon

Dianne is a Recruitment Officer. She’s experienced working in the BPO Industry as Customer Service Representative and Administrative Officer.

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Cloe Belle Zamora

Cloe is a skilled Operations Supervisor. She posseses Leadership and Management skills. She is also an experienced Customer Service Represenatative.

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Costa Joannica Cruz Mangubat

Costa Joannica graduated as a Cum Laude with a degree in Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English. She has experienced working as an Elementary and High School teacher. She currently works as a Virtual Assistant for a Real Estate business.

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Belinda Holzhauser

Belineda has a certificate III in Business Administration and Payroll with 6 years of hands on experience and 8 years experience in customer service.

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Sheila Mae Sarcon

Sheila has a solid 7-year work experience as a Human Resource Specialist. She has handled various tasks including Recruitment and Sourcing, Forecasting Hiring, and Managing job portals.

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Deborah Anne Blanco

Deborah is a registered nurse with a 5-year work experience in the medical field. She also worked as a Customer Service Representative for a Satellite Radio Service Provider.

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Princess Pinero

Princess has worked as an Administrative Assistant and Customer Service Representative. She is familiar with Zendesk, Slack, Shipstation and Shopify. Princess can take care of payroll, general office tasks, and email communication. She holds a Degree in Bachelor of Science  in Tourism Management and has Work Skills Australia Certification.

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Zeth Porras

Zeth has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in Animal Science. He has worked in feed milling operations and meat inspection. He is a tech savvy and can perform online research. He also has work experience with eBay dropshipping.

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Beverly Baby Albiento

Beverly has performed extensive training and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration Management. She has successfully fulfilled her role as an Executive Assistant.

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Mae Angiele Cabase Brita

Angelica is an Executive Assistant who can perform a wide range of projects and tasks. She is skilled in copywriting, photo and video editing, email management, inbound calls, social media management and transcription. She is experienced with Adobe Photoshop, iMovie, Real Estate apps, CRM’s including ZOHO, MailChimp, Facebook and Instagram Ads, PromoRepublic, the MS apps and more.

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Pamela Celles Mendoza

Pamela has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration major in Banking and Finance. Her education opened up opportunities in Banking and Finance. She has worked as an Assistant Loan Officer, POS Collector, and a Branch Operation Staff Member.

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Philippe Joshua Evardo

Philippe is a skilled Administrative Officer who has a range of skills for team management and products promotion. He can assist with SEO, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, research and data analysis, as well as basic graphic design.

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Efren Leonar

Efren is an Executive Assistant who can assist you with Administrative work, email and calendar management, customer service, social media management and online research. He is familiar with WordPress, building eBooks, and phone and chat support.

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Abigail Dayao

Abigail is a Registered Nurse. She has worked in the BPO Industry, did some Medical Coding and Store Management.

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Kristene Marize Ireneo Silvero

Kristene holds a degree in Psychology. She is a Human Resources Specialist and has the experience in people and time management.

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Rodner Sasuter Gulmatico

I have a degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I am an Account Officer and have experienced workin as an Administrative Assistant, Appointment Setting, Customer Service, Healthcare Management and as a Sales Consultant.

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Florissa W. Benolerao

I am an experienced Customer Service Representative and Virtual Assistant. As a VA, I started working as a Researcher and Lead Generation then transitioned to Advertising Manager, Photo Editor, Content Writing and as an Administrative Assistant.

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Karyn Durbin-Zlatkovic

I love doing the nitty gritty work of sorting out issues and solving problems. I like organising and getting things into order.  I am able to work with little supervision and am proficient in HTML, and web-marketing including SEO. I know a little CSS and JavaScript as well.

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Karla Franceska E. Canto

I took up Hospitality Management for College in St. Scholastica’s College Manila. My prevous jobs include Banquet Sales Executive, Front Office Agent, and Guest Service Officer. I am currently working as an Executive Assistant to the Hotel Manager of a five-star luxury hotel.

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Juhanna M. Sy

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Computer Science. My previous job experiences include working as an Assistant Purchaser for a Car Surplus company and Administrative Secretary at a University. I work hard and always make sure I finish my tasks.

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Dawn May Patilan

In my previous job, I have gained the skills and training that will enable me to adapt to the needs of my clients. My skills include email management, calendar management, appointment setting, basic graphic design, social media management, and project management.

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Rebecca O’Neill

Stay at home Mum & Administration Superstar with over a decade of all-round Administration experience, great problem-solving skills and an exceptional eye for detail.

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Marianne Tansley

With over 20 years’ of administration experience across a range of industries, I can assist you with any of your general admin needs, ranging from data entry and correspondence, to complex travel arrangements and writing grants and newsletter content.

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Paul Calvin J. Yumul

I am a result-driven Leader, customer-centric professional with 10 years of experience focusing on Operation and People management. I have an extensive record and proven result in Process improvement, Project execution, Process Implementation, and strategic planning.

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Rose Anne G. Miguel

I took up Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minor course in Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management. I have experienced working as an Administrative Assistant and Customer Service Representative.

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Robert Sulejmanov

I am an AutoCAD Savvy with skills in digital marketing, communications, and promotions. I am also into photography and creative media.

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Pauline Val M. Dungca

I am an experienced General Virtual Assistant/Appointment Setter. I have 10+ years of experience in customer service, reporting, collections and sales. I also have a strong background working in the financial industry, having worked for JP Morgan Chase Bank and Wells Fargo.

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Brylyn D. Undan

I have worked as a Receivables Management Specialist, Collections Specialist, Phone Banker, and a Credit Services Specialist to some of the major banking institutions in the US. I have a degree in Secondary Education major in General Science.

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Katrina A. Nuñal

I am a graduate of Bachelor in Commerce Major in Business Administration. I have experienced working as a Customer Service Representative  and Administrative Officer. My work function includes development of plans and policies, prepare staff comments, write position papers and create studies that are related to financial management. Some of my adhoc tasks include speech-writing and hosting official events for the division.

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Nerrie Vivien Ongco Pajugot

I am an expert Customer Service Specialist with experience in recruitment, sales, and marketing. I also used to work as a Senior Cabin Crew where I was able to develop my leadership skills.

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Patricia Rae Dayondon Remeticado

I have years of experience in the field of Customer Service, ESL Teaching and Talent Sourcing/Recruitment combined. I also have the right attitude – to work both independently and with the team. I’m a huge team player and an aspiring leader.

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Jane Nkirukanwaorgu

I have worked as a personal assistant, front desk officer, part time home lesson teacher, social worker volunteer, freelancer, bookseller. I love socialising and trying out new things I find extremely interesting.

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Adriana Hermann

I finished college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Major in Management. I used to do Medical Transcription while taking care of my son. I also have an experience working as a Secretary for an Engineering Department.

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Liane Margarette Yulo

I’m an experienced sales associate, appointment setter, VA, Transcriptionist, and my most recent was that of an HTML conversion specialist. I am flexible in a way that I can work either individually or as part of the team.

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Estela Quinones

As a freelancer, I am up for a challenge and always try to do my best to learn and improve my skills and broaden my knowledge. I always aim to upgrade my skills so I can be trusted to produce the best output.

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Charlene Tapiru

I have worked as an ESL Tutor for a long time and as an Admin Assistant. I am always improving myself by joining workshops and training courses related to what I am able to do such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro among others.

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Joy Tambalque Aldover

I am a degree holder of Bachelor of Industrial Technology. I have worked as an Admin Assistant, Quality Assurance Inspector and did an internship for a year as an Engineering staff member.

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Leon Alphonso Hunte

I have been working as a Virtual Assistant in the areas of administration management, recruitment, payroll, accounting, marketing and sales training, logistics and travel arrangements management.

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Leoj Laurence Villamor Dominguez

I have been working as a freelancer for seven years now. I have worked with several clients and handled various tasks including recruitment and customer service.

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Geovanni Villones Gatoc

I have spent the last 13 years working as a Technical Support Representative. I recently joined the Workforce team as part of the Operations Team Supervisor.

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Abegail Cruz

I worked as an Administrative Assistant for a long time. Aside from that job experience, I’ve recently taken a short course in eCommerce VA and still learning other skills and tools by watching Youtube videos and reading articles.

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Ariane L. Layug Mallari

I have worked as a Librarian, in Sales, Customer Service, as an ESL Teacher. I really did not have much experience or resources but now it is different. I believe that with the skills that I have acquired and developed, I will be able to meet the needs of my clients.

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Ivy Joyce C. Real

I’ve been working in a Manning Ageny, I was assigned to handle crew welfare. My responsibilities are to monitor seafarers, application of HMO, organise and implement family related events.

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Ivy Jean Cubelo

I am very hard-working person, I am also a self-motivated one who is willing to go above and beyond on any project, and to learn valuable skills in my own time. I am a trustworthy person, organised, resourceful, reliable and flexible person.

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Marie Franz M. Manguerra

I have worked in Administrative, Teaching, Marketing and Customer Service positions. I always keep in mind that everything can be learned and most of the wonderful experiences always happen out of our comfort zone.

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Ma. Julie Anne D. Francisco

I have been working as a Virtual Assistant in Real Estate. I have gained understanding in marketing, selling and buying properties, talking to realtors and knowing the ins and outs in the real estate world.

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James Secretario

I worked as a sales promoter and then after, I worked as a ware-houseman/admin. I know I still need more experience and need to explore new skills. I am willing to learn and share my knowledge from my 14 years of work experience.

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James Secretario

I worked as a sales promoter and then after, I worked as a ware-houseman/admin. I know I still need more experience and need to explore new skills. I am willing to learn and share my knowledge from my 14 years of work experience.

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Gracelyn Joyce Bandiez Rollan

I recently worked as a Workforce Planner or Scheduler. My role was to demonstrate commitment to quality services, make analysis reports, recommendations and initiate action in order to attain stated goals.

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Debbie Corlet

I am an Executive Assistant who is crazy about animals. I specialise in helping individuals and businesses (small and large) with executive assistance, secretarial and administrative tasks.

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Jonnalyn M. Balbontin

I am an experienced Administrative Assistant, Secretary, Clerk and Document Controller. I enjoyed doing admin tasks like scheduling appointments, planning, executing, monitoring and other clerical jobs.

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Jim Patrick P. Rosanes

I worked as part of the Office Staff, Collections Specialist and recently as a Customer Financial Solution. I developed my strong problem solving skills, sharpened my ability to manage conflict and deal with demanding individuals from these experiences.

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Mary Ann Martinez

I graduated Bachelor of Science Psychology. I have worked in the corporate world, but now I am happily working as a Virtual Assistant with jack of all trades in skills and knowledge.

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Rose Castor Bicol

I have worked as a Administrative Assistant and recently as a Social Media Manager. I also did data entry jobs, research, spreadsheet creation, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop and Canva, etc. and anything they needed.

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Maria Teresa A. Solis

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and have worked as an Office Admin, Marketing, PR, Advertising, Events, Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation. I have freelanced as a Data Entry Specialist, Accounts Clerk and Transcriptionist.

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Jona May Angelina D. Dela Cruz

I worked recently as an Executive Assistant to the CEO. I had jobs after jobs including being an HR Analyst, Department Store Supervisor, and Executive Assistant. I gained a lot of relative experiences and life-changing realisations.

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Redeem S. Ricardo

I have been working as a General Virtual Assistant. I have experience utilising productivity tools such as CRM, Zendesk, Reply Manager, Quickbox fulfillment, Many Chat, Slack, Google platforms (Google docs and Google Sheets) and MS platforms, etc.

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Kizsa Grace J. Javier

I can work remotely with minimum supervision and I can multitask. I have knowledge in using Quickbooks online, doing quotes, Property Management for a Real Estate company, editing and data entry tasks.

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Rymaelie Joan Fernando

I’m proficient in Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Dropbox, WordPress, Asana, ClickUp, Trello, Content Creation and Article Writing, phone, chat, and email support, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Corel Draw, Filmora, Web Research and Data Entry, some social media management, among others.

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Maria Hazel Ticar

I believe that my skills and experiences will enable me to reach the expected level of productivity for any kind of job. I also have a strong work ethic, and my motivation and commitment will ensure that I can quickly become a productive and valued member of your team.

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Phillip Jeorge P. Balabala

I am keen in data analysis, data encoding, and listening. I am also skilled in transcribing dictated medical recordings, media and voicemail audio files. I have basic knowledge and a solid background on MS Office, software programs, operating system trouble shooting and with the typing speed maximum 50 words per minute.

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Joseph Ferdinand B. Poquiz

I recently worked as a freelance Web Researcher and Data Entry worker. Though I might be new in this field, I am certain that my abilities, skills and experiences can be a big contribution to your team.

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Rissa Danica Montante

I am an animal lover Licensed Pharmacist. I can function as a Medical Assistant, a Medical Transcriptionist, or Medical Billing Coder. From making surveys and data entry, to confirming orders and delivery, emailing stakeholders, checking inventories, and creating PowerPoint presentations.

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Shelley Grace I. Catadman

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I have worked as a Finance Controller for 19 years. I am also computer literate and familiar with computer programs such as MS Office. I can work with minimal supervision and I am a good team-player.

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Levie G. Dela Peña

Human Resources (Recruitment) and Administrative support are my expertise. My main tasks are Data Entry, Research, Interviews, Appointment Setting, and other administrative tasks such as using MS Office.

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Rocaya Coven Kapina

I have job experiences as a Photographer and Photo Editor. and on Client Database Research. I am detailed oriented. I always make sure that I finish my work accurately and effectively and make sure I submit the updated/finished project at the end of the day.

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Kristina Monette Martin Pangan

I have been working freelance for more than a year now. I can say that in the field of performing Office and Administration tasks, there is not a lot of difference between doing it in an office setting and in the own-space setting.

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Jasmin Lea Kuizon

I am very skillful with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc. I have also experienced processing documents using software systems like Apply Online, RFS, RPS, ARM, MS Dos Prompt and CRM. I have a high level of accuracy with regards to data entry and the ability to multi-task in a high-volume production environment, meet deadlines and cope with change easily.

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Luishann C. Look

I graduated with a degree in Bachelor in Physical Education. I became a Medical Representative, Personal Secretary for an Attorney, Executive Assistant to a Manager, and a Financial Consultant at an Insurance Company.

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Mary Joy Cabarloc

I am a Virtual Assistant based in the Philippines. I am working more on administrative tasks like web research, data entry, lead generation, basic photo/video editing, and social media management.

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Reynadel M. Nicor

I graduated at AMA Computer College for a vocational course. I commenced my studies and pursued Nursing and graduated in 2009. I worked in the BPO industry and learned how to provide good customer service and build relationships/rapport that resulted in customer satisfaction.

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Katrina Ann T. Aclan

I am trained with answering emails, replying to chat messages and taking calls. I currently do part-time ESL teaching to Japanese students or other fellow-Asian English learners from home. I’ve also had experience working as a Virtual Assistant.

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Caysaline J. Mendoza

I am a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Graduate. I am a Virtual Assistant that specialises in Administrative works, Research, Sales or Marketing and Customer Care Service.

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Jennifer Abila

I have over 5 years of experience in administrative tasks, which includes being a customer service specialist, payroll assistant, data entry, and sales associate. I am familiar with Microsoft Office, advanced knowledge in Microsoft Excel/Sheets with formulas, Google Apps, Canva, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

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Ivy C. Ebbat

I have worked in a BPO for a long time. I am new to the freelancing world, but I am a go-getter. I am willing to learn new things and very flexible to changes. I am computer savvy with excellent typing skills, very knowledgeable in using MS Office, Google Spreadsheet and an expert in sending e-mails.

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Aiza Manilyn U. Miclat

I am Customer Service Specialist, Administrative Officer and Sales and Marketing Officer. I have a Bachelor Degree Major in Management Information System. My passion in information system has lead me to become a virtual assistant.

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Ana Marie Apura

I’m an undergraduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. My specialty as a Virtual Assistant are email support and data entry tasks.

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Gina A. Soriano

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I have worked as a Data Encoder, Customer Relations, and as a Virtual Assistant. I have acquired basic skills in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Shopify, Oberloo, Ebay, Amazon, Quickbooks, email marketing, Facebook advertising and a lot more.

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Blesilda O. Baluyot

I graduated with a degree in Education and I am an Industrial Relations Diploma Graduate from Univerity of the Philippines. I have worked as a VA in Human Resources. I then became an ESL Trainer and back to Human Resources Training and Organisational Development Manager for BPO Recruitment, Exporting, Retail/Direct Selling and BPO Companies.

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Maryluz Kurzyniec-Catangal

I took up Business Administration major in Marketing Management. I have experience in Property Management and Customer Service.

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Rose Venica Leonardo Quiray

I have experience in sales, appointment setting, lead generation, cold calling, customer service, up selling, order processing, telemarketing, logistics and Admin support in both BPO and freelance. I’ve handled basic and complex issues using different platforms – RingCentral, LiveAgent, Freshdesk and Zendesk.

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Karla Isabel R. Antonio

I am a graduate of Hospitality and Restaurant Management Major in Culinary Art and have worked as a chef as a cruise liner. I also have experience working as Chat Support Agent for AirBnb.

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Ellaine Queen O. Radam

I graduated with a Degree in Business Major in Entrepreneurship. I have an extensive work experience as an Office Clerk in our local government and as a Sales Associate overseas.

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Jamaica Batan Mancenido

Born a leader with a strong drive to succeed. I have mastered skills including email management, Avaya Call Management System, and people management.

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Jan M. Sibolinao

I am a Bachelor of Nursing degree holder with 7 years experience as an Administrative Assistant for an aviation company. As an office assistant, I am trained to have a keen eye for details.

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Ma. Katrina Dulce A. Vivar

I graduated with a degree in Education. I will strive hard to gain the necessary skills for my future clients to hire me and have a sustainable home-based job.

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arole A. Malonda

I am an experienced working as an English and Science Tutor to young kids, working in the BPO industry and worked as a project-based Content Writer and Surveyor. I am resourceful, willing to learn, easy to train, and flexible.

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Lugene Mae Olandag

Lugene has worked in Human Resources and administration. She has a Bachelor’s Degree and Masteral Degree in Management – major in Human Resources, as well as a BS in Science in Food Technology. She is proficient in Adobe Photoshop, email handling and can perform basic bookkeeping.

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Ma. Elizabeth G. Quirante

I have worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years before transitioning to academe teaching and online teaching. I have finished an intensive Virtual Assistant training course where I have learned various online skills including Social Media Management and Email Management.

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Vergie Povadora

An experienced Virtual Administrative Assistant with skills in Shopify, Amazon and eBay. I have also previously worked in a corporate company and LGU as an Administrative Assistant.

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Ma. Cristina V. Demetillo

I am ESL teacher catering to young and adult Chinese and Japanese students. I also acquired administrative skills when I was entrusted to handle the Alumni Office of one of the best Chinese schools in Bacolod.

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ycelyn Amigo Villareal

I am a full time mom with work experience in Human Resources and General Services Assistance. I also have experience in administrative works including documentation and coordination.

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Alvin Natividad

I am an experienced Customer Service Agent, Quality Analyst, Subject Matter Expert, Supervisor, and Escalation Management Lead. I have been in the BPO industry for 12 years now.

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Ana Jane M. Gonzales

As a graduate of Computer Programming, I have learned several skills that helped me land several jobs in the BPO industry. I have worked as a Sales Representative, Technical Support Specialist, and Customer Service Representative . I also have over a year of work experience as a General Virtual Assistant.

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Nathaniel Castro Pañares

I am a Virtual Assistant with extensive experience in Customer Service, CRM Management and handling orders. I am familiar in the use of CRM’s, KPI’s and analytics. You’ll discover that I have a proven ability to problem solve challenges, think critically, and complete tasks accurately and within the given time-frames.

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Joanne Navallasca

I am a Virtual Assistant with a range of skills and software proficiency. I can multi-task effectively, work well in a fast-paced environment, and remain competent under pressure. I have excellent time management skills, can perform, data entry, bookkeeping, writing, updates to WordPress and customer support.

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Janice J. Crispin

I have worked as an Executive Assistant and performed tasks in different department including social media management, website creation and management, market research, lead generation, sales, search engine optimisation data entry and email management. I am proficient with WordPress and Google applications. I have a Bachelor of Science – Major in Actuarial Science and Finance.

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Fatima Grace Gaudiano

I would be delighted to be your Executive Assistant. I can assist you with a variety of tasks – including calendar management, research, data entry, taking notes within board meetings, taking care of email, quality assurance, customer service and organising travel and accommodation.

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Eisel Dennis R. Leyv

I am great with collaborations and dedicated to growing my skills to assist you within your industry. I have a Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Business Management and I know I will be a great asset to your team. I have training in coaching and leadership and I am experienced with management, quality assurance, and marketing.

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Jane Jones

I am an experienced Virtual Assistant – and I love it! I can help you with anything that you need performed virtually – from organising an event, putting a newsletter together, marketing, creating tenders and proposal documentation – right through to office administration such as taking care of your schedule, performing research, liaising with your clients, creating press releases and kits, and personal assistance and general admin tasks.

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Bavithra Muthuramalingam

With a heightened interest in commerce I have a Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of Business Administration. I’ve worked as a tax analyst and as an operations executive. I am proficient in administration, am self-motivated, and learn quickly. I have great communication skills and have mastered time management and working independently to achieve business goals.

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Ana Jane M. Gonzales

I have worked successfully as a Virtual Assistant in the past. I have run social media accounts, worked with WordPress, performed customer service and sales, mastered a number of web-based apps such Trello, M10pro, Active Campaign, Canva, Zendesk and Magcast. I am also handy with Technical Support and have studied Computer System Design and Programming.

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Shirlyn H. Carlos

I am an experienced Administration Assistant, Customer Service Rep and Team Manager. I have worked in sales – performing both inbound and outbound calls. I have exceptional written and verbal communication in English. I also have experience in billings, email management, social media management and all of the tasks involved with taking care of payroll and accounts management.

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Summer Darling

I have a wide range of skills that will be of a huge benefit to your business. I can perform event management, promotions and sponsorhips sourcing, to social media management, marketing and public relations, right through to customer relations, training, and business development. I have experience working in high stress environments, and I am reliable, proactive and creative.

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Michael John A. Delos Reyes

I have a wide range of skills that could make me a valuable asset to your origanisation. I can perform roles that include Administrator, Customer Service Advisor, Recruitment Officer and even Technical Support Representative. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

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Kara B. Garcia

I am an experienced Virtual Assistant with a wide range of skills that include business development, blogging, events planning, appointment setting and calendar management, copywriting and phone and email handling. I have excellent communcation skills and believe in building long-term relationships with team mates and clients.

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Jea Lyka Cinco

I have a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Social Studies… and you’ll discover I have an uncanny knack for research, Lead Generation and Data Entry. I am passionate about upgrading my skills and ensuring all of my work is completed as expected.

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Cristy Escamilla

I have a Bachelor of Science in Office Administration, and experience as an Executive Virtual Assistant. I have worked in the roles of Customer Service Representative, Quality Assurance Specialist and Email Manager. I have excellent communication skills, am goal oriented and posess strong leadership skills.

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Stefania Morris – Costigliola

I am your ultimate Admin VA. Not only do I possess the skills associated with office administration, I am a born problem solver and have flawless communication skills both verbal and written. I am calm in high stress situations, and have leadership abilities that help me to ensure the fluid running of processes, meetings, communication and large projects.

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Lorna D. Moran

I am your ultimate General Virtual Assistant. I can perform a wide range of tasks that usually require an entire team to perform – from bookkeeping and email management through to customer service and internet research. I have a high work ethic and I am punctual, flexible and a team player.

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Jhoanna Almazan

I am an independent thinker who is bound to be an asset to your organisation. I have worked in Human Resources, as an admin officer, and a sales associate. I can multitask effectively, manage time efficiently, and take criticism positively.

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Chantal Gorge

I am an Administrative Virtual Assistant who can assist you with everything from diary management and reception duties through to invoicing and debt collection. My phone skills are excellent as are my email management skills. Let me help ease your administrative burden.

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Rizza Jaynne A. Regalado

I am a graduate of Computer Engineering and have been involved with robotics and engineering research… and I am also a Virtual Assistant with experience in customer service, social media management and product research. With my background I would greatly suit a company that has a digital aspect to its services or products as I have a good understanding of computer hardware architecture and coding, designing and testing of software.

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Ma. Elizabeth G. Quirante

If you’re looking for someone reliable, hardworking and responsible – that’s me. I am an Administrative Virtual Assistant with a Bachlor of Science in Commerce – major in Economics and a graduate of the Small Business Management Course with TAFE in Australia. My English is flawless – both written and spoken, and I can perform a huge range of tasks from customer service, social media management, email management and calendar management through to recruitment, research and data entry.

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Mari Kitano

I have worked in sales, billing, technical support, customer service, quality assurance for telemarketers, customer experience analysis, administration support, telemarketing, and appointment setting. I have worked with CRMs, performed basic web design and been a social media manager. I have also taken care of product research, handled email, property management and skip tracing. With a background in Real Estate I am familiar with REO principles and practices.

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Mary Kathleen Kristel Tagatac

While I have a background as a Pharmicist – I am also an experienced Virtual Assistant capabable of performing research, data entry and analysis, article writing, email and chat support. My Pharmaceutical background allows me to also perform a wide range of related tasks from encoding results from clinical studies to preparing company SOP’s, researching for new product development and applying for permits to the FDA.

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Roselyn Busa

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management and experience as a Virtual Assistant. I have a wide range of skills including Customer Service, I can perform administrative duties including email management, internet research, social media management, invoicing, and inbound and outbound calls.

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Mara Cristine D. Sandel

I’m an experienced Customer Service Representative who loves admin jobs. I’m able to work with little supervision, can handle voice and non-voice related tasks, and have advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management. I also have accreditations in computer operation and computer bookkeeping.

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Symon Joshua P. Santos

I am an General Virtual Office Assistant with a positive approach to performing my tasks. I am computer literate, a fast learner, and dedicated to improving your company’s performance. My English is very fluent and I held a full-time position as an English Proofreader for 4 years.

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Jayzel A. De Pallo

If you are looking for an honest, hardworking office administrative assistant who is dedicated to her job – then look no further. That’s me! I can perform a range of admin tasks all with a positive and patient outlook. I am computer literate, able to multi task, and am currently part-way through my studies in Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

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Irene Joy Lumangyao

I have extensive experience working with Australian, US and UK clients performing a wide range of office administrative tasks. I have transcribed voice recordings, performed cold calling and appointment setting, managed social media accounts, worked on lead generation strategies for LinkedIn, etc., been responsible for maintaining CRM’s and been an Executive Assistant as well as a CSR.

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Eric John Fernandez

From administrative support, Calendar management and time management, through to graphic work on Photoshop, video editing and work on Google Presentation, through to Coaching, Leadership and running a team to reach sales objectives… this is my background. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Entrepreneurship and I have experience in a range of areas including sales, customer service and Operations Supervisor.

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Deosyl R. Bumatay

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Literature and have studied Information Technology. I have experience working with customers of an international retail brand. I have developed the skills of sales, building rapport with customers, customer support, fashion styling, coaching team members to use company tools and taking care of inventory.

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Daisy G. Baltar

I am a Virtual Assistant with a whole range of skills – all designed to help your business run smoothly. I can help with accounts and payroll, customer service and technical support on products, marketing, email handling, calendar management and general office admin.

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Kriz Alethea A. Manalo

With a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, I can help your business to grow and succeed. I have experience working with Account Management, Customer Service, Technical Support, Database Management (Zoho CRM), Lead Generation, Sales and Telemarketing. I have excellent communication and listening skills which allows me to build rapport with clients and colleagues.

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Karen Hobi Wong

Looking for a ‘great all-rounder’? Then you’ve found her! I can assist you with administration tasks, digital media marketing, creation of process documentation, bookkeeping (I am proficient with Xero), email marketing, website maintenance, database management, social media management, project management, SEO, creation of graphics, and even video editing.

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Theresa Jane L. Te

I have expertise in a wide range of Virtual Assistant tasks. These include: research, essay writing, office administration, generation of leads, taking care of correspondence, coordinating different teams – and any adhoc task you could imagine! I’ve worked as an Executive Assistant to CEO’s for some large multi national companies and been a ghost writer producing online content. My English is impeccable as I have also been an ESL Teacher to Korean, Japanese and Chinese students.

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Ginalyn Quintos

I have a background in Real Estate and have worked with a number of CRM systems including Zoho, Salesforce, Infusionsoft and Pipedrive. I can perform skip tracing, appointment setting, seller lead management and social media management tasks. I have also worked in customer service, technical support, sales and as an English tutor.

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Shane Gonzales Gacita

While I have experience with performing administration work, my strengths lie in Human Resources – training team members, job postings, and scheduling interviews. My Bachelor of Science Psychology gives me additional insight into people’s behaviour and allows me to assist them to achieve their goals.

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Anna Karina P. Salutan

I am a graduate Bachelor of Science in Development Communication and I have been an online English Tutor for a while… so you can be confident that my English skills are impeccable. I can assist you with Brand Management, marketing, event planning, public relations, sales, social media management and even fundraising. I also have experience coaching team members and monitoring job performance. I love to learn and would also love to make your life easier.

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kevin iloreta va

Kevin Constantine N. Iloreta

I have a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and have worked as an IT Administrator, a Computer and Arts Instructor, and an Online English Tutor. I am hard working, versatile and have experience working with a wide range of personalities.

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Janice Banzales

During my time as a Virtual Assistant I have gained many skills and knowledge in a wide variety of computer programs. I am a fast learner, focused, and aim to complete all tasks within the designated time frame. I have experience with Zendesk, Oberlo, Shopify and social media accounts.

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Zharie Mae Q. Coderes

I have a BS in Business Administration Major in Business Management, and a BS in Management Accounting. My skills include digital marketing, social media management, SEO, copywriting, and office and administration. I have excellent interpersonal skills, communicate well, am open to new ideas, and work well with others.

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Mikhael Adrian V. Laoagan

I am a positive person who can work under pressure, work independently or as part of a team. I am patient, a fast learner, and hardworking. I have worked as an admin assistant performing HR tasks, preparing and assisting tenants with contracts in the Real Estate Sector, and I have worked as an English Teacher. Customer Service has also been a central part of my roles.

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Shannon Luttrell

My Bachelor of Science in Psychology assists me with my daily dealing with people as a Virtual Assistant. I can assist you with a range of tasks including general office admin, content management and design. Indeed, my passion is creating content that makes an impact, educates the viewer, and inspires them. I am skilled in video editing, designing presentations, and graphic design.

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Ryan Mari Laporre Mirasol

I am a Virtual Assistant who has a range of expertise and experience in varied industries. I have transcribed and encoded online videos with grammar for hearing impaired clients. I have participated in the development of health related programs. I have managed social media accounts, run Google Ads campaigns, and performed email management. I have also worked as a nurse for the Department of Health.

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Mignone Brechin

I can fulfill a wide range of office administration tasks, from processing orders to customer service, website maintenance, and social media marketing, right through to data entry, preparing advertising and marketing materials, and taking phone calls. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media.

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Joana Marie Abastillas

I am a General Virtual Assistant who has developed strong skills in Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Appointment Setting and Admin Support. I can assist you with your email and calendar management, social media management, market research and data entry.

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Chris Fry

I am a professional assistant with 2 decades of experience working in administration. I have worked in payroll, website management, social media management, calendar management, and customer service. I am reliable, dedicated, loyal and professional.

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Rhea Grace B. Sugue

I am a General Virtual Assistant with good communication skills, computer literacy, and encoding. I have training in photo and video editing, SEO, social media management, creation of marketing materials, copywriting, and website management. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing.

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Rosenil C. San Jose

I have been successfully working as a Virtual Assistant for the past 3 years. During my work experience I have supplied exceptional customer service, data entry and lead mining, worked as a legal admin assistant, performed calendar management, taken care of social media and marketing, supplied technical support, and even transcribed! I have an Associate degree in Computer Technology Major in Multimedia Technology.

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Richelle Colinares formal

Richelle Colinares

I’m here to help you grow your business. I am an experienced General Virtual Assistant who is motivated, positive, and committed. I can help you through data entry, list building, performing website and social media updates, photo editing and graphics design, email management and managing your calendar. I have experience with the Real Estate Industry and have a degree in Human Resource Management.

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Rezelle Ann Rivera

I am a General Virtual Assistant with good communication skills who can assist you with your business. I am computer literate, can perform basic graphic design, and monitor marketing campaigns. I have experience with data entry, email management and calendar management. With a Bachelor of Elementary Education I have skills for organisation, handling and preparing paperwork and putting presentations together.

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Patricia Ann P. Rubio

I have am a professional Executive Secretary. I have experience handling a wide range of administrative and office management duties. I have excellent communication skills and can handle important clients and maintain calendars, etc.

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Audrep Pearl Ceniza Tingzon

I have worked as a team leader on a variety of accounts at a call centre in the BPO industry. I enjoy working with a team and encouraging them to improve. I also love improving and take on new challenges with enthusiasm. I believe in hard work and attention to detail. You’ll find me easy to train and self-motivated.

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Ruby Angela Pagalan

I am a General Virtual Assistant with expertise in a number of areas including Social Media, website editing in WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace and Kajabi, and podcast management. I can perform basic graphic design, newsletter creation and management, SEO, lead generation, content writing, and calendar management.

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Arcelie Amora

I am a professional Healthcare Virtual Assistant and Administrative Assistant. I have performed a wide variety of tasks over my career from the healthcare angle (chart management, scheduling appointments, medical record management) through to administrative duties (email management, organisation and planning, customer service), through to team leading (setting goals, overseeing day-to-day operations, motivating team members) and paraplanning (annual financial statement processing, processing compliance, maintaining files).

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Josephine Caasi Ejaus

I can assist you with any administrative work, including social media management, data entry, research, email management, sales monitoring and customer service enquiries. I have also worked with product listing on Amazon, Shopify, Shopee and Lazada. I am reliable, patient, and able to work under pressure.

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Claudette Nada

I have experience in the BPO industry and as an online English tutor. I have built a reputation for being a person who is willing to go the extra mile on any project I’m involved with. I can help you with appointment setting, transcription, WordPress management, calendar management, email handling and even lead generation. I am versatile, demonstrate integrity, and dedicated to meeting all deadlines.

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Angelica Rockwell

I can assist you with office and administration duties. I have excellent written and verbal communication. I am highly organised, have proven leadership skills and have the ability to work independently or as part of a team.

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Angelica Murillo

I am a Human Resources Administrator and Support worker. I have been in charge of recruiting, employee relations, and performance management. I have been the first point of contact in relation to HR concerns – handling issues via phone, email and chat. I also have experience in customer service, sales and office administration.

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Maria Elena Arambala

I have 2 degrees in teaching – so you can be confident my grasp of the English language is second to none. I can assist you with any office and administration tasks, from data entry through to project coordination. I work quickly, positively and with minimum fuss. You discover that I am self motivated, have great time management and enjoy learning new skills.

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Kenneth Jas Ranis

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and have worked as a Human Resources officer and Plant Planner for a corporation in Dubai. I am goal-oriented, strive for perfection, and tackle each task with full dedication for a positive outcome. My best assets are my passion and commitment. I can assist you with Social Strategic Marketing, Product Research and Planning, as well as Data Encoding.

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Vicky Pedrola

I am a General Virtual Assistant with a work ethic handed down from my parents: “When you work, work hard!” 🙂
I can perform a variety of admin tasks for you. I am computer literate, have good communication skills, can handle stress, and take responsibility for my work.

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Shean Marie R. Castro

I am a Paralegal with experience in a wide range of administrative tasks. I can perform research, appointment setting, HR duties, copy writing and general admin duties. I have a Bachelor of Science Major in Marketing Management as well as Juris Doctor – College of Law.

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Rachelle Ocampo

I am an Executive Assistant capable of maintaining calendars, admin functions for key members of an organisation, office administration, data entry, research, and protecting my client’s time and resources. I have excellent communication skills from my time as an ESL Teacher, and I am resourceful, forward thinking and a good team player.

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Pamela Rose M. Rulloda

I am a responsible, highly motivated, goal oriented Virtual Assistant. When I say my skill set is all over the map – I mean that literally! I have worked in customer support, technical support, customer retention, operations, liaison to auditors, team leader, quality analysis, social media management, business development and general office administration.

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Kathleen Ruiz Profile

Kathleen Ruiz

My skills as a Virtual Assistant are many and varied. They include working in Real Estate, SEO, marketing and lead generation. I have experience in sales, customer service, training and even team management. I always aim to provide excellent and accurate service, as my time being a Quality Analyst influences my work ethic. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Specialisation in International Relations.

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James Patrick D. Remo

Make me a part of your team and you’ll benefit from having a VA with exceptional communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, the ability to adapt to a changing situation, problem solving abilities, a multi-tasker, and someone who can work under pressure to meet deadlines and goals.

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Hel-Ann Marie A. Academia

I am a General Virtual Assistant who can assist you with admin tasks. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Education. You’ll find me creative, hard working and reliable. I am also resourceful and committed to completing any tasks given to me. My teaching experience has made me a confident person with the ability to connect with others, regardless of their age and cultural backgrounds.

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Aira Corocoto

If you need a VA who will help your business succeed with effective sales, social media management, and telemarketing – then I’m the ideal person for you. I can also take care of your administration work, freeing up your time so you can focus on business development – stress free!

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Mary Anne Richel Dy va

Mary Ann Richel T. Dy

I have a passion for writing copy, composing documents, and applying my artistic skills to graphic artwork. Having a Master of Education degree major in Administration and Supervision, I can handle administrative tasks, organise events, and handle teams. I have taught English, Art, Computers and Work Education – so my skills in these areas are very polished. I have a natural positive outlook, leadership skills and the confidence to undergo training and attempt new projects.

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Poebe Jean Samanta Lilio

I have a degree in Business Administration major in Entrepreneurship, so I can closely associate with the needs of business owners. I have worked as a Virtual Professional as well as Customer Service Representative and Technical Support Expert, assisting customers with challenges with their networking devices. When we work together you’ll discover I am positive, proactive, flexible and a person with great integrity.

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hanni intienza va

Hanni Aliah Jornalyn Intienza

I have a Bachelor of Science in Commerce – Major in Finance Management Accounting. I have worked as a Credit and Collection Officer, preparing billings and reports. I have also worked as an Administrative Assistant, cold calling clients and setting appointments as well as preparing quotes and tenders.

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Krizia Marie F. Bravo

I have experience in administrative tasks, customer relations, and handling basic payment transactions. I am computer literate in MS apps, and I am looking for a role that offers advancement and growth in the organisation.

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Lily May G. Gaamil

I have a wide range of skills after working as a Customer Service Supervisor and Executive Assistant for a large insurance company in Dubai. Over the years my tasks have included practically everything administrative right through to digital marketing, creation of promotional materials, managing the company website and social media accounts. You’ll find me to be mature, reliable, and collaborative.

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Ladyh April V. Arangcon

I am an efficient worker who is highly trainable and results driven. I have worked as an Appointment Setter for a Real Estate firm, College Instructor, Product Lister and performed general administration tasks including editing photos, data entry, and basic accounts in QuickBooks. I have also worked as a Customer Service Representative for a telecommunications company.

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Grace Phillips

I get a genuine thrill out of helping others succeed – whether it be a customer, a colleague or an employer. I have a wide range of skills to offer and have first-hand knowledge of what makes a business tick. I can help you with Customer Service, Social Media, Marketing, Branding, Bookkeeping, Answering the phone, Graphic Design and even Website Maintenance. I have a Diploma in Leadership Training and I am friendly, hard working and reliable.

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eleazar saraos va

Eleazar Tongbo Saraos

My goal is to become part of an organisation where I can offer my skills in administrative tasks including research and writing, bookkeeping, sales and working with client. I have clear and professional communication skills in English – both written and verbal. I have great rapport skills which help me to build long-term relationships with customers, colleagues and employers.

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Jessa Salces VA

Jessa Pedroza Salces

My goal is to become part of an organisation where I can offer my skills in administrative tasks including research and writing, bookkeeping, sales and working with client. I have clear and professional communication skills in English – both written and verbal. I have great rapport skills which help me to build long-term relationships with customers, colleagues and employers.

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Geneva Noriel Llido VA

Geneva Llido

My focus is to benefit your company and become a success in my role. I have great communication skills (written and oral), can work under pressure, and enjoy being part of a team. I have experience with performing in depth research, public speaking and video editing. I have a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies – majoring in International Politics, International Law, International Relations and Comparative Politics.

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Alyssa Oyales VA

Alyssa Beatriz Oyales-Baylon

If you need someone to perform a variety of admin tasks, then I can help. From scheduling meetings and diary management, through to producing minutes, writing reports and data entry. I am professional, organised, positive and confident.

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Russell Rose Talingting

I am looking for a position that challenges me to improve and widen my work experience. I have good oral and written communication skills in English and can work under pressure with minimum supervision. I pick up new skills easily, am responsible, and hardworking. I have worked as a Virtual Assistant to an Australian based company performing a wide range of administrative tasks.

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Melanie Grace Q. Puno

I am a hardworking, responsible individual who has mastered the art of understanding others. I am looking for a position where I can grow with the organisation and be part of a team. I have a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management and am open to learning new skills and determined to complete tasks assigned to me in the time frames specified.

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Kristine Mansilla VA

Kristine Marie Mansilla

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing. And my life has been amazing! I have worked with international non-government and humanitarian organisation over the globe. I have developed skills in office management, procurement, logistics, HR, finance, IT and security. You’ll discover I am ethical, passionate, and love working with people – helping them to be the best they can be.

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Eurupha Karyll Bernal VA

Eurupha Karyll Bernal

I have worked as an Assistant Team Leader in Business Administration, a Quality Assurance Officer conducting audits, a Benefits Officer processing payroll, a Data Entry Agent entering sensitive data, a Customer Service Rep, Head Cashier – and even a Barista… so I’ve dealt with a wide range of personalities, tasks and work pressures. I am confident, hardworking and efficient.

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Karen Zambrano VA

Karen Grace D. Zambrano

I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and have worked as a HR Generalist. I have good interpersonal, research, and communication skills. I am hardworking, trainable, and good at multi tasking. I enjoy learning, growing as an individual, and taking chances.

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candy soronnadi va

Candy M. Soronnadi

I am a Bachelor of Science in IT Graduate with exceptional technical and computer knowledge, making me excellent at PC troublshooting and hardware and software installations. I have worked as a Personal Assistant in China, have basic knowledge in a variety of software, and have 10 years experience in data entry and VA freelancing.

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Lady Krystel Enriquez-Paras

I am looking for a position in a company where my professional experience, education and abilities would be an advantage for the company. I am motivated, have good communication skills and speak English, Filipino and Arabic. I have experience as VA, Sales Rep and can provide customer service.

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Ferivie Kate Torres VA

Ferivie Kate Torres

I am an experienced Customer Service and Technical Support Representative. I have also worked as a Supervisor in the IT Industry. I also hold a Bachelor of IT Degree. You’ll find me easy to work with as I am flexible, organised, and efficient at meeting deadlines. I enjoy learning and improving, and taking the initiative.

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Zeus Bryan T. Salcedo

As a Team Leader my most important role has been to motivate and lead by example. I have found that effective communication, efficient coaching and a genuine desire to perform well are key ingredients for team success. I have interviewed, trained, created training manuals, facilitated meetings and implemented ideas to increase performance. I also have experience as a Customer Care and Technical Support Representative and have a Degree in Business Administration Major in Management.

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VA Jake Anthony Dalanon

Jake Anthony Dalanon

I am a self-motivated hard worker who can adapt quickly to different situations. I am technically minded and proficient with computers and office software. I have worked as a Customer Service Representative, Technical Support Officer, Environmental Health and Safety Auditor, Asset Manager, Team Leader and Sales Rep. I have a degree from the Cebu Institute of Technology and have trainings in asset management, billing fundamentals and presentation skills.

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Irene Wahu Nganga

I have worked full time freelancing, helping organisations to create strategic business acumen and connect solutions to issues to deliver successful results. I also have experience as a Customer Service Officer for the Hilton Hotel, resolving customer complaints and attending to their needs. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

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Lani B. Soria

I have excellent English communication – both written and verbal. I have a call centre background so I am great on the phone, work well with others and have worked in sales. I have also performed data entry and data mining, web research, and am familiar with CRM systems and practices. You’ll find me dedicated, supportive and able to manage time effectively.

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Janinah Molina VA

Janinah Molina

I have a degree in Development Communication Major in Development Journalism and am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws. I have worked as an Executive Assistant and CSR and am familiar with MS apps as well as Adobe Photoshop. I can perform general administration work, news writing, research and compile reports.

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catheryn remoto va

Catheryn Mangampo Remoto

I have a wide variety of work experiences – allowing me to develop a wide range of skills. I have worked as a CSR, Community Empowerment Facilitator and English Teacher. I speak 3 languages and have a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. I am people-oriented, able to facilitate seminar and trainings, and am computer literate in a number of MS applications.

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Carla Bejasa VA

Carla Bejasa

I am a highly motivated General Virtual Assistant. I have skills in Customer Service, basic graphics, E-commerce and administration. I have a Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology and have worked freelance as well as in various companies and the BPO industry.

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Anna Lydnor Peneiro VA

Anna Lydnor B. Peneiro

I have a good, solid background in administrative duties – from fulfilling roles of Operations Manager and Senior Accounts Person through to Sales Manager and Corporate Trainer. I have a Masters in Education Major in Language Teaching as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literature… so I guess you could say my communication skills are fairly well honed!

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Samuel Nuamah Boakye Portrait

Samuel Nuamah Boakye

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences (Accounting and Economics) as well as a Masters Degree in Information Technology. With knowledge in a wide variety of computer programs, general administration, email and social media marketing as well as customer service… I’m an ideal all-rounder for your team.

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Sheryl Dumale Portrait

Sheryl Loja-Dumale

I have been freelancing as a Virtual Assistant for a while now, working on a wide range of projects – from transcriptions through to customer service, and social media management through to basic graphic design tasks. I also have experience as a marketing and sales rep – and helped boost a company’s sales through my creation of content for email marketing campaigns.

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VA Tennille Allen

Tennille Allen

I’m an Australian VA with experience as an Office Administrator and Sales Professional. My ability to think outside of the box has been invaluable with helping resolve issues and effectively serve customers. I love being a Virtual Assistant, and my passion lies with helping businesses to grow and succeed.

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April Escototo

As a Virtual Assistant I can assist you with day-to-day tasks as I have worked in both office and BPO environments. My skills include Data Mining and Analysis, Transcription and Research. I have 11 years of work experience and can also help with planning and Customer Care. I can also take on any copy writing tasks you may have – a great way to enhance your online presence or market offline.

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Ephraim Diez

While I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, I have performed day to day administrative tasks for large corporations. I have supervised teams, monitored budgets for operations, and been responsible for generation of reports necessary for compliance. In my role as a Safety Officer I formulated and implements workplace health policies and procedures. I am also proficient in MS Apps as well as Autocad.

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Raquel Llamas

I have worked as an Operations Supervisor, and more recently as a Virtual Assistant. The range of my tasks and projects has varied over my career to include processing payments for customers, organising workflow for employees, and resolving complaints. I have been an ESL Teacher, so you can rest easy that my English is fluent and I am patient, competent and friendly. I have also spent time as a Marketing Associate and Customer Care Specialist.

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Rose Cathreen De La Cruz

If you want someone who will do their absolute best to help your organisation grow – that’s me. I value hard work and doing the best possible job I can. I have a wide range of skills, including Customer Support, Phone, Project Management, Admin Duties, Sales, Lead Generation and HRE tasks. Oh! And I’m dynamic and a lot of fun to work with.

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VA Ruby Caysip

Ruby Caysip

I have worked my way up the ladder into a managerial position for a printing firm, where I have worked for the past 18 years. During this time I have enhanced my communication and collaboration skills. Being a supervisor, I have been responsible for staff training, task delegation and identifying performance issues. You’ll find me resourceful, organised and great at solving challenges in the workplace.

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Alexander Del Rosario

I love working and helping people – whether it be as a Customer Service Representative, Account Coordinator, or through general administrative tasks. As a Quality Assurance Specialist I can perform in depth analysis and assist with internal reports, reviews and achieving compliance. I am a quick learner, work well with others, and have an impeccable attendance record. I also have a Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science.

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Aleksandra Thomas

Aleksandra Thomas

I am an experienced Executive Virtual Assistant who has performed a wide variety of roles – from Customer Relations and General Administration right through to Payroll Officer. I co-founded the Wake Up Club when I was a teenager – a nonprofit to raise awareness of human rights violations and equality. So I understand, first-hand, the dynamics of running an organisation and the various roles needed.

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Kimberly Ilanan

If you’re looking for an organised, conscientious Admin Assistant who can work with minimal supervision, then I’m your VA. I am good at problem solving, customer service and with a typing speed of 50wpm I can transcribe any content you give me with ease. Business administration is my calling and what my initial studies were around.

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Kristel Dianne Arce

I am an Administrator, Customer Service Representative and Sales Agent. I have worked in a wide variety of environments from billings in print media through to customer care in the hotel industry. I have handled sales, billing complaints and even performed tech support for customers in the IT industry. You’ll find me dynamic, resourceful, and more than capable of building strong relationships with clients and helping you to achieve your organisational goals.

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Maria Templo

If you’re looking for an Administrative Assistant then I can help. I can handle your email, online and manual data entry, marketing, research, general office tasks and Customer Service. My English is exceptional – both spoken and written, and I can even assist with your content writing.

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Grace Borlagdan

I am a Data Entry Specialist experienced with CRM’s and research tasks. I can work independently or with a team. I am able to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines. I have also worked in Customer Service handling disputes. If you choose me to be part of your team I will provide you with excellent and quality work.

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Annjanete Pagdanganan

I am an Administrative Virtual Assistant with experience in office related work. I have good interpersonal and written communication skills, am trustworthy and reliable, and am highly effective at data management. I am looking for employment with a company that has a positive atmosphere and will allow me to grow and contribute my skills for the company’s success. Is that your company?

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Diana Pecaoco

I was always brought up to believe I can achieve more, and I’d like to apply that philosophy for your organisation. I am patient, pay attention to detail and I’m a fast learner. As your Virtual Assistant I can assist you with research, a range of admin tasks, social media and even data entry. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and studies in Event Management I believe I would be a great Executive Assistant for you.

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Elaine Faye Diez

I am a dedicated and versatile individual who adapts quickly and is able to work under pressure. This ability stems from my background in nursing. I have two degrees – one in Nursing Admin and another in Medical Surgical Nursing. I am very proficient in Microsoft Applications, have experience working as a Virtual Assistant and speak 4 languages including English and German.

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Carl Trias

I believe I would be a valuable asset to your organisation, as I believe my attention to detail, strong communication skills, adaptability, and respect for others can only enhance your team’s performance and cohesiveness.

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Abegail Loste

If I was to connect my experiences in my mission with Virtual work, I would say my mission was like managing my own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with the people I taught. We spoke with people every day, just like connecting with potential leads, sifting through them to find the golden ones. The skills are very similar, as is the attitude – persistent and diligent.

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Akshay Agrawal

Given the opportunity to work with you, I assure you that you will work with a very level headed person who has a simple belief in his work ethics – and that is to work with complete honesty and to give more than 100% in every given situation.

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Cassandra Way

I am a self-taught Virtual Assistant specialising in admin tasks. Working remotely gives me the freedom to study, travel and work, and support people like myself to realise their dreams. :).

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Isobelle Christine Baterna

I find delight and inspiration whenever I help my clients to achieve their goals. I take care of the mundane but important tasks, such as email, calendar management, bookkeeping or Social Media Management so you (my future client) can focus on growing your business.

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Archana Singh

I have a wide range of VA skills – from Office Admin to Graphic Artwork. I can assist with maintaining your blogs, writing content, and Social Media Management. I am a quick learner and have good written and verbal communication skills.

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