Wendy Viquerra – Customer Service

Hi – I’m Wendy 😊

Since I was asked to put ‘my story’ together I have been thinking hard about how I even start. What would be the right words to use, and how would I put my crazy, amazing and fantastic life on paper?

Well, I’ll start by simply describing what family I grew up with.

I’m the eldest, with two younger brothers, what a riot, huh?

I guess it was hard being the eldest knowing that you’re expected to act a certain way – to be that role model for your younger siblings. Eldest kids should be responsible, polite, understanding or hard working – although sometimes it’s the other way around; you’re stubborn, wild, spoiled or dominating. Good thing I didn’t end up with any of those bad traits, well maybe just a little. 😉

I was expected to be independent. During my late grade school and high school days I would go to school and enroll (or admit myself). I even attended my PTA meetings, as my parents were so busy working to provide for us. Some would say that I had a sad life not having my parents with me, but I look upon it as an opportunity to learn and mature.

My family is a cool family. We love to spend time with each other when we’re not busy doing something. We like to watch movies, do karaoke and, of course, “eat”! I love my family because we’re a mixture of everything.

After graduating from high school and completing one year of a vocational course I decided to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. This is where I discovered my fascination for the medical field. I just love how the human body functions, especially the brain. I always looked forward to anatomy and zoology class, to learn about the human body and animals. We dissected animals and then put the bones back together. It was truly amazing to see how the body functions and how everything connects so perfectly!

Unfortunately, my uncle who was paying for my college was unable to continue to support me, so I ended up looking for a job, so that I could continue studying.

I landed my first Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) job as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) for an insurance company based in New York. The pay was good and I knew it would support my studies. Sadly, after working long hours I was going to school exhausted. One time I slept the entire three hours of class. ☹ I was lucky to have a kind professor who let me sleep. In the end I realised this setup was not working, and after committing all that time and effort I might just end up with a failing grade. So I made the hard decision to drop out of college and continue working.

Apart from being a CSR, I was also a Virtual Assistant for a company that manages apartments. Part of my work was to post a lot of ads on Craigslist so that when someone searches for an apartment, our ad would appear first. I also performed data mining for a trucking company, as well as Human Resource duties as the BPO company gave me the opportunity to be part of their Human Resource / Recruitment Team. I conducted a lot of interviews – which was exciting… but I realised that I wanted to do something else. I wanted to do something that would change my life, and the way I looked at life…

So, I applied to serve as a missionary or a representative for our Church. (I have been a member for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for a while.) Much to my surprise they accepted my application and assigned me to work in the United States. After a few months of preparation, I flew from Davao City, Philippines to Atlanta, Georgia and that was my first international trip. Scared? YES!

I lived in Georgia for a year and seven months sharing the Gospel of God. During my service as a missionary I experienced being lost on the trains of Atlanta, eating my first Subway sandwich – only to throw-up after, walking for 10 miles in the height of summer and burning sun, waking up at 6:30am every day, wearing skirts every day, talking to strangers, being attacked by dogs and knocking on a thousand doors! Sound horrible? Depends how you look at it. Those were the days when I found and developed a deep knowledge of myself, learned to care for others, prayed for strangers and thought of their awareness much more than my own.

I have learned to be selfless. I have learned to love without expecting anything in return. I have come to completely understand why God loves us so much – because He sees us not for what we are right now, but for what we can become in the future.

After returning home from Georgia I immediately looked for a job. I tried applying to the same company I used to work with, and luckily, I was hired. This time they gave me a position as both CSR and VA, and then after a year or so they promoted me to Team Leader, and I have been fulfilling that role ever since.

During the peak of my career in the BPO Industry my boyfriend at that time and I decided to get married. We were married on the 14th of December 2016, and were blessed with a son, giving birth to him on the 10th of September the following year. As my husband goes to work in the mornings and I work at night, we take turns in taking care of our son. While this has been working, an instinct is telling me that my son really needs more attention as he is growing way too fast for me. For this reason I have been looking for job opportunities online so that I could be with him more. I do love my job and take my work commitments very seriously… and I love my family with all my heart and know deep-down that time is something that you can’t get back.

Lastly, I do believe that life is shaped by one’s experiences and how we act on those experiences. Whether it be a good one or bad, it’s our choice how we use our learning to bless ourselves and others.

Thank you for reading my story.

If you make me part of your team, you have my personal promise that I will be committed to helping your business provide excellent customer care and outstanding support.

For a copy of Wendy’s resume please click here.