Windy Alumbres, CPA – Accountant

VA Accountant Windy AlumbresI am twenty-six years old from the strikingly beautiful archipelago of the Philippines. I reflect a valid personality which includes ambition, determination and the qualities of thoughtfulness, kindness and being spiritual. I believe in fighting for what you desire and believe in, and doing the will of God who makes all things possible.

I am the youngest among three children and we happen to be all girls. When I was 6 years old, I encountered my first taste of a painful event in my life – losing my father. Since then, my mother struggled for every penny. She worked hard to bring food in for our table and support our education. She cooked some kakanin which my sisters and I sold door to door. After a few years, my mother remarried and I and my older sister were left with my mum’s new family because my eldest sister, who had graduated college, had to look for a job opportunity in Manila.

Months passed and my older sister joined our eldest sister in the city and I was left with my mum’s family. Since then, I promised to myself that I’d work hard to earn a degree for me to be able to get a decent job and help my family.

From elementary to high school, I was a consistent top student in our class and began to join school competitions. I became the school’s representative in many regional and even national contests. I discovered that I have great interest in journalism and I bagged 4th place in the National Journalism Competition participated by students from all over the country.

Accountant Windy AlumbresThinking about the future, I enrolled in Bachelor of Accountancy. I sought a scholarship program and secured one. However, when Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines and left our region devastated, I had to move to Manila with my sisters. Due to the higher cost of living in Manila, I had to work in a BPO company at night while I was studying during the daytime. It was not easy juggling work and school. I had to balance both. During that time, I was lucky if I got to sleep four hours in a day! But as they say, “Sleep is only for the weak”.

Life is still magical for a struggling girl like me. I graduated with High Honors from college. God has been so good to me that He helped me pass the Accountancy Licensure Exam in take 1, even though I was still working in the BPO industry that time.

I immediately applied for a job in a service company as a General Accountant and I made a bit of money and was able to support my family at the province. During this time, I and my boyfriend decided to be together and soon we had a beautiful baby girl. With new family responsibilities, I felt there was not enough opportunity for advancement where I was working. I applied for a new job in an IT company and I was responsible for Accounting and Finance tasks. I enjoyed meeting new friends and being able to perform the tasks given to me. I constantly need to upgrade my skills, so I took advantage of many learning opportunities to do so through the company.

This year my sister introduced to me the world of freelancing. I became interested and motivated by my love for my family, so I am striving to become a successful woman in my freelancing journey. I am positive that I will be able to surpass all challenges that I may encounter because of the skills, determination and discipline I have acquired from school and my previous job experiences.

I choose to look on the brighter side of things instead of focusing on problems. With this chance given to me, I will make sure that I will be able to deliver more than what is expected of me.

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