Winona Bianca Garrido – CSR and Quality Analyst

winona-bianca-garrido-profileHi! My name is Winona, and I would like to share my story.

At the age of 19, I was able to land my first job. Despite my lack of experience, I was lucky to be hired as a Sales Representative at a local department store. During those times, I learned the hardship of earning money. This job has taught me a lot of things like how to associate with other people and how to do multitasking. Unfortunately though, it only lasted for 6 months due to the contract.

Afterwards, I tried to be a stay at home mum. Being a single mother of 2, I tried to open a small business by selling shirts. Since I have passion for art, I tried to sell my designs. However, it was not enough for me to support my kids, and that was the time I decided to enter the BPO industry. My first BPO experience was as a technical and billing representative for a telecommunications company. This experience taught me to be detail-oriented and to think critically. Analysing causes and factors instead of focusing on the symptoms. We learned to dive deep to resolve the issues whether it was for billing or technical. I stayed in the company for 11 months and decided to move back to the city for better opportunities.

I found a new job as a customer service representative for Telstra, handling small businesses accounts. We learned how to use tools such as flexcab (Flexible Charging and Billing) and Mica which were both used to assist our customers with their billing, internet and mobile services. We also underwent training on the different products that our company offers which enhanced our ability to upsell and offer additional services to our customers. After staying for 8 months, I found a better opportunity and decided to apply to Amazon and be a part of the pioneer team. Being with Amazon, I learned that customer service is not just assisting customers, but it was also building a relationship with them and earning their trust. We learned the value of customer obsession which helped the winona-bianca-garrido-casualcompany and us as employees thrive. After 2 months of taking in calls, I was promoted as a Quality Analyst.

Being a Quality member, our department was assigned to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with their orders and the service they are receiving. Not only do we produce quality audits which focus on root cause analysis, call drivers and process-related defects, but we also provide coaching comments which were meant to help our associates improve. Being with the Quality team for almost two years I also learned to create reports using Microsoft applications such as Powerpoint and Microsoft Excel. These reports contain Productions’s overall metrics such as concession rates, customer surveys and resolution rates. We also used SharePoint to keep our data and audits organised. This job helped me develop as an employee and taught me on how to insist on the highest standards and deliver results, which means delivering and finishing the job with the right quality in a timely fashion despite the setbacks.

I also managed to separate work from my personal life. I became flexible and I am always willing to learn and improve my skills which I acquired over the years.

For a copy of Winona’s resume please click here.