Zeth Porras – Administrative Support Specialist

zeth-salinas-porras-formalHi, it’s me Zeth, your Administrative Support Specialist and here’s my story.

April 2015 I finished a degree in Agriculture and right after graduation, I was hired as a Farm Caretaker (piggery) and worked day and night to double my regular income. By July that same year, my Aunt told me to take the Licensure Examination for Agriculturists, but first I refused to accept her offer but eventually decided to take the challenge. I didn’t have a formal review at that time because of the situation. After a month of self- studying, the day came and the exam took three days to be completed. One week later, I received a phone call from my friend, Hans (one of my closest friends in college) saying that I’d passed the exam. At first, I thought he was just joking and suddenly another friend of mine texted me that I really passed the exam! After several weeks of thinking of jumping ship, I completely decided to end my contract with the farming company. I thought life would be easier if you have eligibility, but it’s not. I had a hard time landing a job after I resigned, so I was jobless for more than three months at that time and had no idea how to again get started.

December 2015, I submitted my resume to another company and immediately got hired as a Quality Control Inspector. After a year of working with this company, I was promoted to a Supervisory position and led a group of ten to twenty people. I was so motivated to work because I always kept in mind the trust and obligation the company had given to me at that time, until my health became my primary competitor. With little choice, I resigned and began medication.

Now, I am currently working as a Meat Inspector and have been in this role for almost two years. Aside from doing Meat Inspection tasks, I am also the one who makes forms for our Recordings, perform Data Entry, and Data Consolidation. Though these tasks might not be on ‘top of the hill’, I am looking to land a part-zeth-salinas-porras-profiletime or even a full-time job in the freelancing industry.

Actually, I am doing research, training and engaging myself to people who are known in this industry to offer excellent VA services. Though I am not yet an experienced online worker, or like others who have five or ten years experience in a BPO company, I’m crafted and nurtured enough to deliver great and satisfying results.

I believe that working remotely or virtually, gives opportunities to those who want to grow professionally and develop their skills and talent in the comfort of their home while providing excellent and satisfying results to their client.

Lastly, there is always that quote that Spider-Man’s Uncle once said, “Great power comes with great responsibility” which can always relate to us freelancers, and means that we should always take charge of what we offer to our clients.

For a copy of Zeth’s resume please click here.