Abdul Gaffur Alawi – Civil Engineer

abdul-gaffur-alawi-formalHi, I’m Abdul Gaffur, a licensed civil engineer in the Philippines.

I have had trainings in construction and also in safety. I had also some seminars pertaining to the work I have done.

I have handled construction projects. Most of the projects I handled were residential (construction of residential buildings). After the design is properly evaluated and approved by the client, I estimate the cost of each scope of work, and then have a cumulative or total project estimated cost. If the client agrees with the price, I start implementing the project. I plan and purchase the quantity of materials for a specific scope of work and then manage the whole construction.

I have also worked in a government office tasked in planning, implementing, and monitoring construction projects for the public. I abdul-gaffur-alawi-profilewas assigned in the monitoring system. We were tasked to monitor the projects ongoing.

I have also worked as a resident engineer for construction of municipal roads and lined-canals. Everyday I quantify and record the output (of construction works).
I measure the volume of concrete poured/constructed and the length of canal finished in a day.

Now, I want to try doing online jobs. I saw this job (Construction Estimator) in the internet. I want to try since this is in line with the course I finished. Hopefully, my skills and experiences will match the requirements of my client/s and, in the end, give them what they need.

For a copy of Abdul’s resume please click here.