Mercedes Butil

Mercedes Butil - Certified Public Accountant Hi! I am Mercedes Butil, but you can call me Mercy. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy as well as in Accounting Technology. I am proud that despite poverty, I was able to finish studying the field that I chose without having had to spend a lot. When I finished college, I [...]


Mavelle Cudiamat

Mavelle Cudiamat - Bookkeeper I used to hate numbers. I never imagined myself working in the corporate world because I’m into health and biology. But as fate would have it, I ended up taking Accountancy in college and fell in love with it. I was able to graduate with flying colours. My previous boss from the bank where I [...]


Jose Marco S. Rigonan

Jose Marco S. Rigonan - CSR, Sales and Technical Support Hi there! I'm Jose Marco Rigonan, Marco for short. I'm a father 2 and currently married and wish to work at home to have more time with my family and also to monitor my kids growing up. Nothing beats handling your kids personally to help them grow in a [...]


Florissa W. Benolerao

Florissa W. Benolerao - CSR and Administration I am a professional with over 4 years of experience in Virtual Assistance. I started as a researcher and lead Generator and eventually became an Advertising Manager and Photo editor. I worked as a content writer and Admin Assistant. Prior to being a Virtual Assistant, I honed my skills working in the [...]


Beatriz Freida Adelaide Belches

Beatriz Freida Adelaide Belches - CSR and Sales Specialist Hi, my name is Beatriz Freida Adelaide Belches. You can call me Bea or Bei for short and I am 23 years old. Let me tell you a bit of my story and how it honed me to be the person I am today. I am the eldest child and [...]


Ghlenn Perry L. Capuyan

Ghlenn Perry L. Capuyan - Architect Hi! I am Ghlenn Perry Capuyan. I’m a licensed Architect and Registered Master Plumber in the Philippines. I’ve been in the construction industry throughout my professional career and this has helped me to improve my understanding in different construction methodologies and materials needed to build any Vertical Structures. I have gained necessary skills [...]


Jemima B. Franco

Jemima B. Franco - Administrative Assistant, Sales and Marketing 1. When and how did you get started as a Virtual Assistant? I heard of it back in 2016 when I started working in a BPO Company located in Clark. I worked there as an Executive Assistant. I was curious about how the VA works and wanted to give it [...]


Arlyn Maala

Arlyn Maala - Bookkeeper Good day everyone! My name is Arlyn but some of my friends call me Lynar, just to have a nickname because I was born in an era where people's names were predominantly limited to only one name :) I am a persistent, self-motivated person who loves to do bookkeeping jobs and administrative tasks under minimum [...]


April Ranel M. Escobillo

April Ranel M. Escobillo - Marketing Officer I am equipped with experience in marketing from working as a Marketing Head of a local private company here in the Philippines. I have handled a lot of companies from different industries in the past such as restaurants, malls, agricultural products, water systems, and industrial products. I have experienced doing both digital [...]