Kristine Lea Rafin-Alvarez

Kristine Lea Rafin-Alvarez - Customer Service Hi! My name is Kristine Lea Rafin-Alvarez. I am a graduate of AB Psychology. After college, I struggled looking for a job because most of the institutions where I tried to apply for declined my application because I didn’t have at least a year of experience being a school guidance counselor. That’s why [...]


Ma Russell Bullecer Chavez

Ma Russell Bullecer Chavez - Underwriter, Quality Analyst I prefer to be called Russell although I’ve had a lot of nicknames generated by my former colleagues. I’m Russell at home, I’m called Russ at one call center company, and I’m also called Bullie in another call center. That’s short for my Middle name. I was even called Batel during [...]


Rachel Ramos Padilla

Rachel Ramos Padilla - Nurse Hello! My name is Rachel Padilla, you can call me Rache. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After graduation, I volunteered in the Hospital. Fortunately, I was given a chance to work abroad in Saudi Arabia for more than 2 years. When my contract ended, I decided to go back [...]


Darllyn Mae Lebiga

Darllyn Mae Lebiga - Customer Service Representative Hi, I’m Darllyn Mae but my acquaintances call me Darllyn or Darl. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Social Work. I obtained my license as a social worker shortly before our graduation. The reason for that was because I had to retake our mock board exam during summer class [...]


April Yap

April Yap - Human Resources, Teacher Honestly, I am not really good at expressing myself through writing, but let me start by introducing myself. Hello, my name is April Yap. I wasn’t born in the month of April, and that’s weird, right? My grandma named me April because they said that “April” was her favorite radio character during that [...]


Agnes Addai

Agnes Addai - Administrative Assistant Hello my name is Agnes Addai but my friends prefer to call me Aggie. I grew up in a middle class family and my parents have always supported me and my siblings during schooling. They were determined to provide us education, which was not easily accessible to them due to difficult circumstances. Thanks to [...]


Maria Cristina Apostol

Maria Cristina Apostol - Customer Service, Administration Maria Cristina or Tin is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She is a Virtual Assistant with over 12 years of experience in the Freelancing world, focusing on making your life easier! She can help you organise your personal or business life and make [...]


Alyssa Carla Lozada

Alyssa Carla Lozada - Product Engineer, Surveillance Officer "The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you." ― B.B. King Hi, I am Aly. A highly observant, proactive and competent individual that never stops learning! Back at university, I worked as a Student Assistant for months. It was great until mum told me to [...]


Mikee Obial

Mikee Obial - Accountant, CPA Hi! My name is Mikee Obial and I currently reside in Cebu City, Philippines. I am a licensed CPA and have been in this industry for 9 years already. I have diverse and extensive working experience with varied exposure to financial/external audit, financial analysis, and full set account/bookkeeping. I am also well adept with [...]


Jennylyn Ameena Elysha Diesta

Jennylyn Ameena Elysha Diesta - Real Time Analyst and Technical Coordinator Hi! I’m Jennylyn Ameena Elysha Diesta. In short, Jen. I always believe that nothing worth having comes easy". I can’t remember how many times I failed final interviews. But I’m glad I never lose the will and determination that one day, I’ll land a job. I’ve been working [...]