5 Killer Skills Every Social Media Manager Must Have

It takes a lot to become an effective social media manager. It requires creativity, while being analytical at the same time. You need to be focused, organised, creative and always up to date with the latest trends. Social engagement is the core of social media management, so if you want to get those numbers up, be sure to equip yourself [...]


Achieve your New Year’s Resolutions with a Virtual Assistant

When business owners make New Year’s resolutions, most of them relate to time management. Even the most motivated business owner is restricted by the time they have available. Common resolutions are ‘become more organised’, ‘improve my social media marketing’, and even ‘work less so I can spend more time with my family’. A Virtual Assistant can help you with all [...]


Tools for Creating Stunning Social Media Graphics

In recent years, more and more business owners have utilised the power of social media to leverage their business. Take Facebook for example, every single day you’ll find a tonne of social media graphics on your feed advertising a company in a unique and creative way. Compelling visuals make lasting impressions, which in return leads to higher engagement and better [...]


How to Avoid the Dreaded CC Email Mistake

As you know, an email is an incredibly powerful tool for sending information across the globe. It’s also an amazing way to send one message to hundreds of people through its CC (Carbon Copy) feature. This nifty set-up saves you time and energy composing individual messages with the same content and sending them out one by one… ugh! That would [...]


Cultural Differences:  Get to Know Your Filipino VA

Filipinos, in general, are among the most hardworking people you’ll meet. They are dedicated and most often willing to learn. If you come from a different culture, you may be surprised with some of the cultural differences that can affect the working relationship with your VA. That’s okay – we’re all human and like any collaboration, learning about each other; [...]


Some Facts about The Philippines

The Philippines is a South-East Asian archipelago located between the Philippine Sea and South China Sea. It used to have 7,107 islands, but a recent mapping project found 534 more undiscovered islands, pushing the number up to 7,641. It is divided into three major island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The country’s capital city is Metro Manila. It is located [...]


Five Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

Do you run a small business and find yourself getting bogged down in everyday tasks? Are you up late at night staring at spreadsheets, or have a hundred emails you need to reply to but can’t find the time? Maybe you have customer queries that are taking up your hours or data entry tasks that you’re working on rather than [...]