Engr. Erwin P. Espina – Electrical Engineer

erwin-espina-portraitGreetings, I’m Erwin Espina, a fresh graduate of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Santo Tomas. I am also a licensed Registered Electrical Engineer.

I’m pretty much inexperienced in actual work. All I have close to having proper work was my on-the-job training in a BPO company inside the Facilities Management Department where we tackled solving different problems that the clients in the office submited or upgrading facilities in the building. From installing CCTVs, monitoring room temperatures in server rooms, monthly maintenance check of electrical rooms, etc. I was there helping matters get solved or resolved up until my allotted time for OJT was over.

Aside from my OJT, I’ve also volunteered as a staff member in a university-wide organisation named “Thomasian Nihon Kyoukai”. It’s an organisation where we cater for different events and activities that involve Japanese culture to different student bodies. We had “General Assemblies”, “Culture Exhibits”, “Gathering with Transfer Students from Japan”, “JFashions” (a fashion show), and many more.

We also had Community Services that involved tree planting in Navotas, as well as a short seminar to elementary erwin-espina-casualstudents in Navotas. I acted generally as a staff member in my 3 years of joining in organisation. I handled things from communications, technical, interpreter (for some Japanese students), auditing and my main department which is logistics.

What I learned in my volunteer work as a team member is that even though you had a specified department, that doesn’t mean you can’t stop there and not help the other departments if they need an extra hand. What matters is that there’s progress and we meet the deadline of every activity so you need to help out as much as possible to meet the demands. You need to perform honestly in your work, an example of this is getting a budget to buy supplies, I wouldn’t forget to ask of an official receipt so that I have evidence how much change there was or how much I need to be reimbursed. My experience the whole time in that organisation was fun and valuable, it gave me the opportunity to use one of my hobbies, which is learning Japanese.

All those different experiences pretty much state what I can do today. After having an opportunity to join the Virtual Assistant Team and seeing the core values of this team made me realise that this is a perfect place for me to grow better. So I won’t let this opportunity pass by.

One of my mottos in life is: ‘No Guts, No Glory.’ I may not be a veteran in this industry yet, but I know it will be a great help being in this team.

For a copy of Erwin’s resume please click here.